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The Secret to success in the financial markets.

Master trader and world class psychic Kapproveb, also known as The Investor Prophet, is sharing the secret to success in the financial markets. His one of a kind trading system introduces a third form of analysis that’s been developed for over 20 years, and is now the most reliable prognostic analysis in the world.

Hurry before the sale is gone.

Tarot for Traders E-book

Here’s what you’ll learn in Tarot For Traders’ Book:

Tarot card psychic

Tarot For Traders introduces you to Eso-Meta Analysis, a third form of prognostic analysis incorporating extrasensory as well as geocosmic factors and events to forecast human, and therefore, potential market behavior. When combined with more traditional forms of analysis such as technical and fundamental analysis, Eso-Meta Analysis becomes the strategic edge that traders and investors eveywhere want and need.

Tarot For Traders will teach you step by step how to conduct posts and apply this one of a kind trading system to the financial markets to achieve extremely high levels of accuracy and in turn find success trading or investing in the financial markets.


Kapproveb, also known as The Investor Prophet is a pioneering force in the world of the markets. This ex Wall Street broker turned world-class psychic has spent over 20 years secretly developing a new strategy that challenges the traditional rules of trading and investing. After competing in the CNB Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge which was shut down due to the top 1% cheating, The Investor Prophet was born. Kapproveb's life's work is about more than just making money with trading and investing - it's about giving honest people like you the success you've earned and deserve. Kapproveb has taken a stand against market manipulation and unevenly distributed wealth. Just in time for the financial revolution we are experiencing, The Investor Prophet reveals to the world how the coming together of knowledge and intuition creates a world where everybody, not just the 1%, can win.

Here’s What Other Traders are Saying...

“Kapproveb quickly helped me step up and build momentum for my freelance business. After only two months I was able to achieve all the goals we’ve set. His experience and understanding of the freelancing goes a long way and I highly recommend checking this book out.”

— Mackenzie T.

“Kapproveb recommended we buy 100 shares of Apple inc’s stock shares. Apple was already almost $100 a share. $9000 was a lot for us at the time, but those 100 shares have since split so many times I lost count and now we own 1600 shares just from that initial purchase… We’ve been consulting him ever since. Just wanted to say thank you Kapproveb!”

— Jenny D.

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Tarot for Traders E-book


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