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500 Daily Forecast for Thursday, June 18, 2020 Revisited

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


66% Accuracy (2 correct statements out of 3 statements)

Day's Theme - Wild swings, especially in the first hour of trading. Strong bullish move between 11am - 12pm est. Closes up AND/OR close to even for the day.

1-Day High - will form in the first in the first 45 minutes of trading AND/OR between 11am - 12pm est. AND/OR in the post-market. A big move to the high AND/OR big move off of the high.

1-Day Low - will form in the first 45 minutes of trading AND/OR in the last hour of trading. Rallying off of the lows.

Planned Trades - Place trades before 10:30am est. Trades will likely be to open straddles and/or strangles. I will attempt to open the legs individually at the highs and lows.

#MecuryRetrograde @12:59am est.

#MoonEntersGemini @5:00pm est.


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