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2020 Annual Reading for S&P 500

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Year's Theme - Sideways volatility. Possible Bear Market based on the low for the year appearing to be in June AND/OR in October/November. Cash flow is tight. Paying minimums on loans. Uphill battle. Although though the S&P 500 faces significant challenges, it eventually overcomes an uphill battle. Focus on highly competitive industries.

Early in the year sharp downtrends, hardship, and loss destroy old foundations and rebuilds them anew through economic transitions. Three prominent troughs form throughout the year in the months of February, July, and October. Four prominent peaks form throughout the year in the months of February, April, September, and November. In December, a "Great Conjunction" as astrologists call it, will take place between Jupiter-Saturn while in the sign of Aquarius. This indicates that at the end of the year new societal structures will emerge that has evolved to become more refined and altruistic.

TechnicalSideways movement. Bumping up against support/resistance level without a breakout/breakdown. Choppy market.

Sentiment: Rise to the challenge. Short squeeze. Bullish and bearish forces are near to equal.

Prominent sectors: focus will be on highly competitive sectors.

The Year's High/s - Appears to be February. The year's high will provide a great opportunity which is another reason I believe this to be a bear market.

The Year's Low/s - Appears to be in June AND/OR in October/November. The Year's Low will be a Major low when viewed on a 100 year chart. The Year's Low will form after braking down through many key support levels.

Important dates where a reversal is most likely to take place are:

January 12, April 4, June 30, November 12, and December 21.

Planned Trade: Looks like I'll be executing volatility strategies for the most part of my trades.

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