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December 20, 2022 S&P 500 Predictions (RATED)

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

*Accuracy rating update: 100% or 11/11 predictions correct*

  • Day’s theme: A notable decline off of a high early in the day.

  • Behavior around the high: There’s a significant opportunity around the high.

  • Behavior around the low: We’ll have a U-shaped dip into the low.

  • Trade opportunities:

    • A trade opportunity around a high in the early or midmorning.


On December 20th, we’ll decline pretty hard in the pre-market. It looks like we’ll probably open notably lower than where we closed on the 19th. There’s a notable decline or trough that stands out in the pre-market. That decline increases with momentum as we move forward into the open. There’s a notable rally to the upside out of that decline that likely starts around 9:45 p.m. There’s a trade opportunity around a high. We’ll know when we’re reaching that high because we’ll crisscross back and forth through the same price level. It looks like there will probably be a trough or low around 11:00 a.m.

We’ll have a notable move to the upside that stands out on a one-day chart before noon. Around noon, there will be multiple failed attempts to break through key resistance. There’s a trade opportunity before a notable reversal and a pretty hard decline into the end of the day.

Sneak Preview

We’ll likely open up higher, move through resistance, and then break back down through the same price level on the 21st.

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