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S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, August 16, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

#VenusEntersLibra @12:27am est.


Marangi: impulse to purchase still there
Kotok: don't think we had shock yet
Cracks appear in global recovery
(JPM), (BAC), (XO), (CVX), Stocks to watch at the open
Energy, financials lag at the open
(MRNA), (OXY), (FCX), (NUE), (APA); Sectors to watch at the open
FED support for faster taper grows September announcement appears likely; Kabul airport in chaos as many attempt to flee
Apple leisure deal to add 100 luxury resorts to Hyatt's portfolio; China's faltering economic recovery
Biden to deliver remarks on Afghanistan at 3:45P today; Biden to speak about Afghanistan at 3:45 P.M., White House says
Kirby: no flights arriving or departing at Kabul airport now
FED support for fater taper grows September announcement appears likely; Rep. Auchincloss: Afghan corruption to blame for military collapse
Tracking the trades investment committee's moves; Political pressure grows on Biden
A reversal in the recovery? How to interpret inflation; Afghan cities fell more quickly than expected: Sullivan
Afghan government collapses thousands try to flee Taliban; Sonos wins first round vs Google
NYC: vaccinations for museums, stadiums
(WMT), (PG), (KO), (PEP), (COST), RBC analyst on best names in consumer staples to handle inflation; JPMorgan lowers year-end oil price forecast to $78 from $83
(OXY), (APA), (HES), (MRO), DOW down 283 points at low
Afghan government collapses Taliban enters Kabul; bonds up on continued uncertainty
(XRAY), (DXCM), (IQV), (RCL), (CCL), (NCLH), Covid fears weigh on travel stocks; Bonds up on continued uncertainty
Biden: Afghanistan situation unfolded more quickly than anticipated; Biden says there would have been no cease fire after May 1
Biden: U.S. will assist evacuating eligible Afghan nationals; Biden says U.S. will defend itself from any Taliban attacks
DOW, S&P 500 record closes; Biden says U.S. couldn't give Afghan troops the will to fight
Rosengren: would want to finish taper mid-year 2022; Risk-off session takes tech lower
Facebook to help expand planned undersea cable network in Africa with 2Africa Project
Away CEO on post-pandemic travel trends
New bill targets Apple and Google app stores
China vows employment support
SPX, Biden laments Kabul lacking 'will to fight', says mission was to fight terrorism
Hedge funds disclose holding in 13F filings
Taliban is in stronger position than during its rule before 9/11
Earthquake recovery gathers pace
Pfizer, Biontech seeking regular licensure instead of emergency use
Australia dipped into Covax Pfizer stockpile intended for poor nations: SMH
Wendt: the big unknown is the iron ore price



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