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S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, April 1, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


90% (9 correct statements out of 10 statements.)

An important milestone is reached while the S&P 500 moves sideways crossing support/resistance three times today. In the premarket there is a significant gap down AND/OR between the premarket and roughly 10am there is a big decline from the high reflecting that investors believe the high is already in. Behavior around the high will deceptively suggest a breakout or move higher by falsely triggering an indicator. Expect a notable move higher along a trend line around the open highlighted by a male leader in business or a male celebrity provides motivation. From that notable move higher a sharp dip occurs within a period of bullish market rotation. From roughly 10am through 11am there is an unexpected failure AND/OR a disappointment sending the S&P into a mixed sideways decline. Profit taking from the overbought crest takes place between roughly 11am through 12pm. Expect the unexpected and the improbable when opportunity knocks around mid-day between roughly 12pm and 2pm. A very strong decline to the day’s first low is exhibited from roughly 1pm through 2pm. At this oversold low there is a significant short squeeze that sends the stock into a big move higher. Around 2pm a precarious position is met and a failed attempt to breakout through resistance creates a crest that is followed by a decline through support level(s). This decline picks up strength as the S&P moves into the last hour of trading. In the final hour of the day there is a failed attempt to break resistance AND/OR a breakdown through support level(s). A crisis highlighted by a standstill in negotiations leads to a sharp breakdown through support levels. Around the close a support level is met and tested before moving higher. In the post market the low is revisited and shares move sideways on low volume.


(TSM), Commerce secretary: "we will compete with China"; Gearing up for the second quarter
S&P tops 4,000 for the first time ever
U.S. ISM manufacturing index increases to highest since 1983
Is big government back?, Pres. Biden's infrastructure pitch
SPX Prince: stimulus, monetary policy has been a big adrenaline shot
AMC CEO: asking shareholders to approve 500M share offering
SPX, Stocks climb to all-time highs on growth outlook
(FB), (AMZN), (AAPL), (NFLX), (GOOGL), Hany Nada, ACME Capital managing partner
OPEC+ now debating proposal for gradual output hikes: delegates
Awaiting compass first trade, priced: $18 indication: $21.25-$21.75
(XLF), S&P 500 tops 4,000 for the first time; Raimondo: need massive investment in job training
(FATE), Investing in life sciences, Casdin Capital's Eli Casdin; WH $2.25T plan hits walls in congress
Recruiter sentiment hits new high, but pandemic effects linger; Investments in hydrogen
GE's clean energy push; KMX, Carmax Comp sales fall short
Top female angel investor on creating "unicorn factory"; Diversity in venture capital
Banks' roles in Viacomcbs volatility raises questions; SPX, Stocks rally on growth outlook
(BLNK), (CHPT), (QS), Infrastructure bill pop; Suzano CEO: container shortages have limited paper supplies

S&P 500 record close watch; USGG10YR, Making economic waves on Good Friday
(AMAT), (TER), (APA), Oil jumps as OPEC+ decision to ease cuts; Stocks rally on growth outlook
Rent the runway co-founder on shopping post-COVID, S&P 500 closes above 4,000
(XLK), Tech on a tear stick with this trade in Q2?; Boost for EV stocks, Tesla rises
Reach TV CEO on travel surge trading the media impact; Feedzai raises $200M, valued above $1B
Paramedics testify George Floyd appeared to already be dead at scene



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