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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


92% (11 correct statements out of 12 statements.)

Today’s theme is that of extreme confidence in the absence of reason. The main highlight of the S&P 500’s behavior for the day is that of a powerful move higher on huge volume. In the premarket there is a trap AND/OR there is an intentional shake out exhibited by a notable move counter to the days true trend direction. Right around the open there is a reversal and a strong rally higher. The rally continues until roughly 11:15am when it breaches one or two resistance levels before pulling back due to buyers remorse. A notable pivot point is formed between roughly 11am and 12pm. From this pivot point there is a sharp dip followed by notable price swings through roughly 2pm. ***1111*** The first high for the day forms within these midday price swings right around 1:45-2pm. From the days first high unexpected failure causes confusion fueled panic on the Street and the S&P 500 plummets from this high. This decline eventually meets an already established support level roughly between 2pm and 3pm. This support holds through the hour. Around 2:37pm a sudden change/new situation causes the S&P to rebound in a powerful breakout rally. This rally climbs to the day’s second high which forms when the rally transitions into volatile sideways movement reflecting a rotation into defensive positions. Right around the close there is another extremely powerful bullish move.

#MoonEntersLeo @2:11am est.


Paying for infrastructure Pres. Biden: "Prepared to compromise"
Defining "cryptocurrency" Sen. Rob Portman live
(JNJ), Johnson & Johnson's shot, Sen. Portman on vaccines; Laidler: seeing more buybacks, dividends
Apple's first product event in 2021, What to expect from Cupertino
Cooperman responds to Sen. Warren invitation; Netflix user growth expected to sputter
Dow still above 34,000 NASDAQ dips below 14,000; Investors weigh peak growth concerns
CN CEO: believe we have best value to offer; BBDXY Index
SPX, EMA confirms total benefit-risk of J&J vaccine remains positive
(AAPL), Toni Sacconaghi Bernstein Sr. Research Analyst
Hiring headwinds, where are the workers?; CN CEO: future of company is growth including acquisitions
Miller: GM is very, very attractive; EU says Russia troop move on Ukraine border is largest ever
Miller: the market is fairly valued; EU says Russia troop move on Ukraine border is largest ever
Miller: bitcoin demand is growing faster than supply
Apple reveals new iMac witn M1 processor
Netflix earnings on deck what investors should watch; CN rail makes $30B offer for K.C. Southern
Inflation situation temporary surge, or here to stay?; Apple says redesigned iMac to start at $1299, on order April 30
Stocks slide for second day; Netflix user growth expected to slow
Athleta CEO on growth strategy; CN rail bids $30B for K.C. Southern
Stocks at session lows; Iran official: nuclear talks positive
Philip Morris Intl CEO on nicotine regulation; Super league clubs met to look at 'exit strategy': telegraph
(C), Citi CEO on strategic refresh
Fraser: want to make sure our strategy is focused; Hedge fund giant warns of SPAC blowup
Stocks tumble as first two-day selloff in three weeks accelerates
(BRKB), (JPM), (BAC), Apple announces new products at "spring loaded" event
Soon: verdict will be read in Chauvin murder trial; Chauvin Jury reaches verdict
Crowds outside courtroom where verdict will be read; Chauvin jury reaches verdict
Chauvin bail revoked, sentencing held in 8 weeks; George Floyd's killer found guilty of third-degree murder
India has reported over 200,000 daily new infections over last 6 days
Floyd family reacts to Derek Chauvin guilty verdict
Floyd family reacts to Derek Chauvin guilty verdict; All six soccer english clubs withdraw from super league



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