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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


Sharp decline through multiple support levels.

Around the Highs:

Notable move to the highs.

Around the Lows:

Really sharp moves to the low.


There is a low correlation in the pre-market with notable volatility. The back and forth continues with an upward trajectory around the open. We push higher toward a distant resistance level in the first half hour. There is some bullish rotation and a low correlation between 10am and 11am. We have a high with a crest at the open, another at 11am, and another low in the midst of price swings around 11:05am-11:10am. The price swings are from 11am to noon, and there is a U-shaped dip between two perpendicular diagonal trend lines in the following hour. We have another low in the midst of strong volatility between 1pm and 2pm. There is another sharp dip between 2pm and 3pm, and in the last hour there is an opportunity. We can position to play both sides of the market. Right around the close there is a notable move to the upside, with either a high or crest. We break down through two support levels, bounce, and then break down more in the post market.

Looking to Tomorrow:

Valour card, so we bump up against resistance, and push up, and maybe bump again.

#MoonEntersScorpio @4:16pm est.

#JupiterEntersPisces @11:09pm est.



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