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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Daily Forecasts to be continued after Mercury Station Direct

#MoonEntersGemini @2:47pm est.


Fixing critical supply chains White House outlines new steps
Crypto slumps while Meme stocks jump; Bigger policy mistake: too late or too soon?
(HON), Honeywell CEO on outlook for commercial real estate
Stocks gain ground; Fastly Inc
Stocks mostly higher; World Bank President on economic outlook
(WEN), Stocks to watch Wendy's, Stitch Fix, Fastly
China faces new coronavirus fight in Guangzhou; Colonial CEO says 'deeply sorry' for impact of cyber hack
The new drug frontier? Investing in psychedelic therapies; KKR invests $150M in Jet Edge Intl
April job listings shoot up 998K to record 9.3M; SXXP
Curevac has 405M dose deal with EU
Stocks that hedge funds own; Canada set to relax quarantine rules for vaccinated travelers
Shippers see 3-week delay due to Covid-19 outbreak; Wells Fargo expands its credit card business
Telsa's China sales up 29% in May after April slump - CPCA data; WEN, Meme stocks rise for second day
(AMC), (GME), (WEN), (CLOV), The new Meme stock; CEO of hacked pipeline apologizes
Record-sized trade deficit
FBI-run app tricks organized crime
(SFIX) Stitch fix on fire up 20% this week; COMT, Blackrock ETF doubles in days to $2B
S&P 500 closes just below record close level
Colonial CEO testifies on ransomware attack; Widespread internet outage
New cases hit Cina Covid-19 surges near vital port; (TLSA), Tesla loses veteran Guillen
Smith: yield curve steepened to 2015 levels do not expect to see further material steepen
Is it a brave new world for some investors? Cramer on the impact of the Meme trade
333 HK, Around 77% of Evergrande's debt is due within 12 months
Kotick: we've always had a maniacal focus on the customers, today we have 425m customers, we have to stay focused
U.S. gets crucial EU support for new study into Covid-19 origins
Cramer's talking to the CEO of one of the largest RV companies fresh off earnings
Perry in New York; USGG10YR, Wells Fargo: still expect gradual grind higher in yields for remainder of 2021



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