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S&P Weekly Spread for December 2 - December 6, 2019

Over arching theme for the week will be big picture. Global slowdown or not? International trade issues are obvious.. but maybe something to do with unrest in foreign countries, Hong-Kong? Middle East? What ever it ends up being, it will be BIG PICTURE for the world.

Big move Monday.

Take advantage of opportunity on Tuesday.

Wednesday likely a flat or close to flat day for the market with sideways price action.

An issue underneath the surface of the market may show its impact/influence on Thursday.

Friday is my lucky day.

This weeks high will be crossed with uncertainty about direction. The high will be marked by an indecisive market. The week's high will most likely form in the first 3 days of the week but most likely on Monday and possibly retested or briefly exceeded on Wednesday.

This week's low will likely be formed after some strong selling. The week's low will form within the last 3 day's of the week, most likely on Friday.

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