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Eso-Meta Analysis, The Coming together of Knowledge & Intuition. 

To understand why Eso-Meta Analysis is so revolutionary, we must first understand the basics of prognostic analysis. Technical and Fundamental Analysis are the foundation of profitable trading in the financial markets. Technical Analysis is a reliable form of prognostic analysis since it is based on pattern recognition, taking into account past market movement to accurately predict future market movement. Fundamental Analysis is another reliable form of analysis that is based on the consideration of news events, economic, as well as social conditions in order to forecast potential market movement.  Applying both Technical and Fundamental Analysis is the most common strategy amongst traders and investors, but there is a fundamental flaw in this strategy. Traditional traders and investors are failing to consider the number one reason for all financial market behavior - that is human behavior. This key component is overlooked because traditionally it is believed that human behavior can not be forecasted or predicted, but with Eso-Meta Analysis it can be. 

Statistically the most reliable strategy in the world, Eso-Meta Analysis, developed in secret for over 20 years, utilizes a strategic edge - geoscosmic & extrasensory science, to forecast the financial markets by the hour with the highest levels of accuracy ever seen. Eso-Meta Analysis is the coming together of knowledge and intuition. Developed to be used in tandem with Technical and Fundamental analysis, it takes into consideration astrological events such as new moons, full moons, eclipses, and planetary retrogrades which are proven to influence human behavior, and therefore, influence market movement. Eso-Meta Analysis also utilizes a one of a kind tarot system developed by world-class psychic and ex Wall Street broker, Adam Krief which
uses meta-pattern recognition to effectively
time market movement by the hour with high levels of accuracy. 

Image by Annie Spratt

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