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500 Daily Forecast for Friday, June 26, 2020 Revisited

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

*******$2093.30 Realized Profit in One Day


100% Accuracy (3 correct statements out of 3 statements)

Day's Theme - Prosperity through practicality. Production. Financial obligations ease. Debts repaid. May indicates environmental or weather issues. A good time for investments.  Change in direction. Finding support. Synchronicities align. Finding the financial support needed. Prosperity. Birth of new structures. Significant gap down through multiple support levels AND/OR a decline through at least on support level at the open. Up and down swings. One or two peaks between 1pm and the post market. Bounces around resistance around 1pm - 2pm est.

1-Day High - forms around end of day. The high will be after a significant move higher.

1-Day Low - forms around start of day between pre-market and 10:30am est. The low will form after misdirection.

Planned Trades - Two opportunity windows.

1) Premarket through first half hour of trading. Day-traders should buy into the early morning low. Close short positions at the open.

2) Before the close. Day traders should exist long positions around 1 - 4pm once the S&P bumps around resistance at a new intra-day high.

Close short positions at the open. Open long positions at the open. At the close sell against ITM long positions to protect profits AND/OR open short positions.

***3rd sprea

*******2nd Spread


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