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500 Daily Forecast for Thursday, June 25, 2020 Revisited *78% Accuracy.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


78% Accuracy. (7 true out of 9 statements)

*******$1097.70 One Day Profit.

Considering the original interpretation leads me to believe we will see a Huge Gap Down at tomorrow's open.

Day's Theme - Gap dow. Volatile session AND/OR sideways session. Volatility between the open - 11am est. A move higher between 11am - 2:pm est. Between 1pm - the close, there is a brief decline followed by sideways movement.

1-Day High -will form between 12pm-2pm est. Significant decline through multiple support levels off of the high.

1-Day Low - forms in the premarket AND/OR in the last hour of trading.

Planned Trades - trade windows around the open AND/OR around 3pm through the close. est. TBD.

#VenusDirect @2:48am est.

#MoonEntersVirgo @1:05pm est.


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