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Begin Accumulating Shares of Cameco Corp. Now. (CCJ)

Uranium Mining company Cameco, Corp. will benefit greatly from the revitalized Space Race. The future of energy on earth may be solar (and Tesla battery technology) but in space it will be nuclear + solar. The demand for Uranium will grow exponentially. By 2030, those who buy Cameco now for ~$11/share will be akin to those who had invested in the oil industry at the start of the industrial revolution. Should a stock market correction/crash happen, load up. In ten years write a testimonial to thank this blog...

*******The last time CCJ clairvoyant impressions showed up on my "radar" was back in early March of 2011. I had been holding CCJ for the extent of 2010 into March of 2011. It was a juggernaut with no sign of slowing down. No seasoned investor would have thought it logical to sell the stock. I sold my position on Thursday March 10th for roughly $43/share based solely on clairvoyant impressions. Friday morning was the Tsunami, the Fukushima Nuclear meltdown disaster, and the ensuing crash of CCJ shares. To this day, Cameco still has yet to recover from the "fall out" of the Fukushima disaster shares. I can not resist a good pun.......

The Space Race does not pose the same risks to investors as nuclear power here on earth does. Therein lies the opportunity.

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