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Begin Accumulating shares of MGM Resorts (MGM)

Clairvoyant impressions have highlight MGM Resorts as a prime benefactor of the resort sector's Covid-19 collapse. According to, MGM Resorts cash on hand for 2020 is listed as $6.01Billion (a 392% increase year-over-year.) In other words, they just made tons of cash prior to the Great Covid crash. As such, MGM Resorts is primed to buy up existing resorts and other properties that will inevitably go out of business in the aftermath the Great World Shutdown of 2020. With the cash on hand to take advantage of a resort fire-sale and many of their competitors wiped out or absorbed, $16/share feels like a steal. Buy a little now. Hold it for 10 years minimum. Should there be a stock market correction/crash, load up. In a few years from now, write a testimonial recommending Tarot for Traders.......

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