Major Stock Market Wide Crash

The 2021 major market correction is already underway and will last at least for roughly 6 weeks including this week. Significant dates August 27th and September 27th. These are dates of either major declines AND/OR significant market bottoms. This is a major correction at least a 1-year scope. Possibly and likely on a greater scope than that. Think February 2020. I see a strong possibility of a bottom around the 318 - 321 price levels on SPY. I bought and am holding September 444, 446, 449 PUTS. The August high is in but may be reached again (briefly) in the last week of August before continued decline through September. I see SILVER AND BITCOIN as major opportunities during this tumultuous period of time. Im holding silver bullion purchased at $15 spot price and Bitcoin purchased a long time ago. I plan to sell 50% of the silver around $30-$33 spot price, possibly higher depending on what I see transpire around the August 27th and September 27th (most likely the dates of this years latest lows.) I plan to buy Bitcoin on ANY dips for long term HODL. The 2022 bitcoin reading is out of control!

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