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November 23, 2022 S&P 500 Predictions (RATED)

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

*Accuracy rating update: 100% or 12/12 predictions correct*

  • Day’s theme: A male ruler of nations is highlighted.

  • Behavior around the high: The high will likely be earlier in the day.

  • Behavior around the low: Sideways rotation on a key support level around the low.

  • Trade opportunities: N/A


On November 23, we’re bound by a range in the pre-market. We’ll fall from the upper end of that range around the open, and we’ll open lower than the previous day. In the first half hour, there’s bumping along resistance. We break through that resistance and then fall back down to continue bumping along resistance. A decline into a day’s low takes place somewhere between 11:00 a.m. and noon. There’s some criss crossing through the same price level around that low confirming a bullish trend. There’s a lot of price movement in the early afternoon. In the last hour, there’s a breakdown through a diagonal trend line that increases in volatility as we move forward in time. We’ll see a day’s low around the close. In the post-market, we’ll fall from a support level to meet a secondary support level and then we bounce sideways along that support.

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