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S&P 500 Daily Forecast for Monday, April 27, 2020

Day's Theme - Gap Up AND/OR strong rally in the pre-market and lasting until between 10am est. and 1pm est. Falls off resistance AND/OR falls to support. Strong decline AND/OR breakdown through at least one support level shortly after the high around noon est. Some buying at the end of the day. Astrologic Opportunity Window until 1pm est. today.

1-Day High - will form between 10am est. and 1pm est. Worries about coronavirus and global economy have not subsided.

1-Day Low - will form between 1pm est. and 3:30pm est. AND/OR will fulfill classical technical analysis expectations.

Planned Trades: Provided I executed Friday's planned trades: I will currently have a long just OTM vertical put/s spread that has lost value over the weekend, thus providing the opportunity to buy back the short put/s leg of the vertical spread in the early hours of today's trading session. This will result in a long put/s position which I intend to hold until TBAD but at least until 3pm today.

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