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S&P 500 Daily Forecast for Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Day's Theme - Gap up. A stage of growth early in the day. Although tempting, it is advised to refrain from placing trades around 1pm - 3pm est. Between 2pm - 3pm est. the truth comes to light regarding a"mis-representation" resulting in today's decline AND/OR mis-direction due to something still hidden takes place. Finishes down.

1-Day High - highest probability of forming between 12:30pm and 2pm est. Day's high will be higher than yesterday's high. Significant selling off of today's high.

1-Day Low - will form between 1:30pm and the post-market with the highest probability of forming after today's close. The low will fulfill classic technical analysis.

Planned Trades -

At the Open:

1) Sell long calls.

2) Triple down on OTM May 20-20 275 Puts to average cost down in preparation for selling at Wednesday's open.

3) Flip Long positions to Short positions.

Received clairvoyant impression suggesting to remain "faithful."

#MoonEntersTaurus @10:10pm est.

#CloseCardIIthePriestess = approximately even.

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