S&P 500 Daily Forecast for Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Day's Theme - Negotiations highlighted. A number of details must be given up to get a deal. Opportunity created in volatility AND/OR created by bad news. Gap up.. Some sideways movement at the open. Followed by a breakdown through a support level around 9:45am-12pm est. Between 12pm - 2pm est. there will be some back and forth movement followed by more decline OR just more decline. From 2pm - the close there will be a move with strong volume (probably higher.) Misdirection in the last hour of trading. Closes down for the day. Possibly more selling in the post-market.

1-Day High - will form in the post-market. Something in the news will be involved AND/OR strong decline off of the high.

1-Day Low - will form between 12:30pm and 2:30pm est. There will be a steep decline to the day's low AND/OR there will be a notable movement higher off of the day's low.

Planned Trades -

TBD: Any trades during the pre-market opportunity will be equities.

At the open:

1) Sell long calls.

2) Double down on long puts.

At around 1-2pm est.:

3) Either sell long puts to close position OR sell against the long puts to create a vertical put debit spread.


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Below you will find the original reading conducted on Sunday May 24th, 2020. I did not feel certain about this reading so I recast the reading for today. The second reading is the one I will rely on. However, I left the original reading and photo so that I can gain insight from the act of doing 2 readings for the same day.

Day's Theme - Decline through support / resistance in the premarket. Opens up in relation to yesterday's close. Key support holds between 9:45am - 11am est. Trade opportunity between 11am-12pms est. Reversal(s) around 12:30pm est. Mis-direction between 1pm and 2pm est. A second strong rally off of an intraday trough between 1pm - 4pm est. Another trade opportunity around the close. Market makes movement back to a more truthful reflection of its current value.

1-Day High - timing is undetermined. There is a high in the premarket AND a notable peak around the close. Notable profit taking at the high.

1-Day Low - Forms between 10am-11am est. AND/OR between 1pm-3pm est.

Planned Trades - Trade Carefully. TBD.

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