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S&P 500 Forecast for Friday, April 23, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


91% (10 correct statements out of 11 statements.)

Highlights for today involve financial prosperity and firm foundations, expansion of holdings, and risk on. The S&P 500 exhibits a strong rally throughout much of today. A high and low are both formed within the premarket when EITHER [a gap down followed by a significant move higher is exhibited] AND/OR [there is a significant move up and out of a strong decline.] A stalemate between a male and female leader is highlighted somewhere around the premarket through 10am-ish. Right around the open the S&P’s behavior is flat sideways movement on low volume that transitions into more pronounced bullish price swings before roughly 10am. Between approximately 10am and 11am a moment the Street has been waiting for arrives and from the bullish price swings a sudden and significant move higher suggests definitive optimism on the street. The optimism is short lived due to a stall in negotiations or a delayed decision. Between roughly 11am and 12pm the S&P drops off a high breaking down through at least one support level to meet the day’s second trough/low. From roughly 12pm through 1pm a noteworthy move higher out of a decline highlights an important decision. That move higher transitions into a bearish rotation as fear becomes tension. A leader in business provides the street with optimism and causes a notable move higher along a diagonal trend-line between around 1pm to 2pm. That move higher forms a high/crest from which the S&P plunges through multiple support levels between roughly 2pm and 3pm. In the last hour of trading [a short lived new peak] AND/OR [a new all time high] forms when a move up through a resistance line is followed shortly by a decline back down through the same line. In the post market sideways fluctuations reflect a rebalancing between inflow and outflow on higher than average volume. Get the daily S&P prediction in advance, only at

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins4/23/21@11:10pm est. Finishes4/24/21@6:50am est.

#MarsEntersCancer @7:49am est.


The republican roadmap GOP's infrastructure framework
Pre-market movers
Banks on pace for worst week since January; Investors weigh Biden tax plans
NASDAQ on track to break three-week win streak; Stocks to watch ahead of the open
(INTC), Intel CEO: balanced chip supply chain is critical; U.S. futures slide from session highs
Bitcoin slides below $50K tax hike worries in focus
The Dow, S&P on pace to snap 4-week win streak; Stocks to watch at the open
(AMD); Stocks rise after being hit by tax plan
Daimler sees mercedes margins surging
(SPCE), Spacex has now launched more people to orbit than entire Mercury program
Centerview's Blair Effron on Pres. Biden's capital gains proposal; Biden hosts virtual climate summit
Nextdoor CEO: used by 1 in 3 U.S. households; Intel sees 2Q adj rev about $17.8B, est. $17.64B
Tracking the trades investment committee's moves; Biden eyes big boost in capital gains tax
Intel falls despite beat shareholder reaction; Biden to go to Europe in June
Holmes Norton: need infrastructure bill for 21st century
(MSFT), (APPL), (AMZN), Big week of earnings ahead 166 S&P 500 & 10 Dow components on deck
Biden's capital gains proposal tax impact on investors; Riddle in the bond market
2021 retail playbook outdoor names still winners?; J&J vaccine-linked clot cases rise to 15
Working with the workforce beyond paycheck-to-paycheck; J&J vaccine-linked clot cases rise to 15
Biden's capital gains proposal tax impact on investors
(SAM), Boston beer chairman on tapping into trends
(KMB), Kimberly-clark misses on EPS, revenue; Small caps lead stock gains
Dow transports post record close; U.S. GDP is forecast to show robust growth
Big tech earnings on deck how to trade the stocks; Panasonic tumbles on AI purchase
Bitcoin to $40K?; New opportunities in streaming
Diversity on Tiktok
Cramer: I think entertainment will make a comeback - take the opportunity the market's giving you in AXP
Zach in Rhode Island; Marton: defensive areas might be forgotten by markets



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