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S&P 500 Forecast for Friday, April 30, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


92% (11 correct statements out of 12 statements.)

A new situation or significant change causing excitement enthusiasm and often impulsivity takes center stage today. The overall behavior of the S&P 500 for the day is that of a sudden fast big move higher transitioning into volatile sideways movement. Right around the open an economic leader provides support suggesting prosperity and bullish rotation as a significant move higher is exhibited. From the open through roughly 10:00 AM a critical choice with life altering implications [between 2 entities] AND/OR [between 2 leaders] is the highlight and the S&P remains in a holding pattern until a definitive choice is made. Between roughly 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM the first trough or low for the day forms right around the time that a male leader is highlighted. From roughly 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM there's a turn for the worse and a significant decline transpires as investors expect the situation to worsen. That sharp decline transitions into a period of bullish market rotation containing within it a sharp dip. From between roughly 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM, as investors consolidate and rebalance before an expansion, another low or trough is formed between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM. The trough is marked by notable sideways fluctuation and a delay in money is also highlighted at this time. Between roughly 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM I am presented with an opportunity to take a balanced strategy through the opening and closing of positions [hedging] AND/OR [certain options spreads]. At this time a day's crest or high forms within a period of bullish rotation. Between 2 PM and 3:00 PM that bullish rotation transitions into a powerful move higher on huge volume. Extreme greed and the absence of reason on the street is exhibited at this time. Within the last hour another high slash crest is formed when the S&P 500 breaks through a resistance line to form a peak before falling back below the same line. [Money through business] AND/OR [an economic partnership] AND/OR [a merger and acquisition] are highlighted in the last hour of trading. In the post market determined bulls push a strong rally out of a notable decline.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins4/29/21@11:42pm est. Finishes4/30/21@9:27am est.

#MoonEntersCapricorn @12:16pm est.


(JUN), Chevron shares down post-report CFO on company's quarter; U.S. PCE, personal income & spending
(TWTR), Twitter stock plunges CFO Ned Segal on the quarter; Dozens killed in stampede in Israel
(AMZN), Amazon aims for new high gets a lift on earnings
S&P 500 at record high best month since November; AAPL, Tech wraps up blowout earnings week
Stocks poised to retreat from highs
(PFE), (BNTX), (MRNA), (JNJ), (AZN), Nasdaq up for 6th month longest streak in 3+ years
(CAT), Caterpillar CEO: chips are risky for investors; Biden: tax hikes on rich fund cuts for many
Sen. Scott: dems don't thing debt matters
(NVDA), (INTC), (AMD), (QCOM), (AVGO), Sectors at record highs: financials, real estate
Futures extend losses market concludes bullish month
Nasdaq remains on pace for 6th straight monthly gain; Stocks to watch at the open
Exxon CEO: transitioning to low carbon future
Amazon's record results profit triples, revenue surges; Michigan consumer expectations index at 82.7 vs prelim. 79.7
Coming up: twitter tumble; Barclays equity traders bolster results
Ransomware on the rise calls for crypto crackdown; Biden lays out expansive economic agenda
Holtz-eakin: Biden economic proposals would make the U.S. less competitive revs. beat $108.52B vs $104.47B est.
Big tech earnings deliver where stocks go from here; Summers: concerned about labor shortages
Single dose of Pfizer vaccine may give less protection - study
Chevron's Q1 earnings how to play the stock; Can higher taxes cover the costs of Biden's plan?
Ebay drops post earnings, up 8% this week; NFPSC21, Denver airport ushers in an economic boom
Inflation protection move from growth to value?; Does peak growth matter?
Primed for domination Amazon's record results; Biden defends tax hikes on rich
The road back for hotels; CDC: most J&J side effects seriousness
Churchill downs CEO on post-pandemic rebound; Analyst action heading into the close
S&P 500 on track for biggest monthly gain since November; Equity Index
Sell in May & go away failed in 2020
Emergent CEO acknowledges cross-contamination after denying it; Buy in May and go away: JPM's Kolanovic
(PFE), (BNTX), (MRNA), (JNJ), NYC to reopen July 1
S&P 500, Nasdaq lower for 3rd time in 4 days; April proves very bullish for stocks
(UBER), (YFT), Uber, Lyft to report Q1 results next week; Supply constraints to knock up to $4 billion off Apple revenue
The market's big shrug stocks flat despite strong earnings; Twitter CFO segal on earnings
Beautiful returns? Estee Lauder up 19% year-to-date; NDX, tech's blockbuster earnings
Cramer on what to watch next week; Pres. Biden's tax experiment
Rendle: we're seeing lasting behaviors in cleaning and disinfecting
Cramer's correcting a flawed belief on Wall Street; Pres. Biden's first address



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