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S&P 500 Forecast for Friday, April 9, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


81% (10.5 correct statements out of 13 statements.)

Out of destruction comes new hope. In the premarket there is a consolidation/rebalancing reflected in a sharp dip within a period of bullish rotation. Optimism is brewing on the Street. Around the open there is excessive selling due to indecision regarding an important decision. At the open there is a breakdown through a support level after testing resistance twice. The S&P then bounces along that support level before breaking down through multiple support levels. This breakdown is followed by sideways bullish rotation through roughly 10am est. Between approximately 10am through 11am est an important milestone is reached as the S&P moves sideways crossing the same support/resistance line three times. The day’s first low forms roughly between 10am and 11:30am est. What was cause for bullish sentiment is abandoned due to disillusionment. Between roughly 11am and 12pm est there is a decline through support which was preceded by a crest that forms at a level not to be seen again today. Suddenly between approximately 12pm to 1pm est there is EITHER a notable move higher followed by strong decline through multiple support levels to reach the second low of the day OR there is a very swift drop through multiple support levels to form the day’s second low. Around mid-day I may decide to trade around a male business leader who provides inspiration regarding an improving financial situation. Between roughly 1pm through 2pm est unexpected news causes a strong decline through multiple resistance levels. The sharp decline transitions into bearish rotation that significantly increases in volatility between around 2pm and 3pm est. In the last hour of trading an absence of reason on the Street is reflected in a powerful move higher on huge volume. The S&P is rangebound around the close. In the post market an intersection of trend-lines is reached and successful fulfillment of classic technical analysis is exhibited. In the post market help comes from an unexpected source and the situation improves.



PPI ex-food & energy up 0.7% vs up 0.2% est
SPAC on the street; U.S. March producer prices rise 1.0%
Spring cleaning for SPAC market oversupply causes slowdown; Treasury yields edge higher
Powell: recovery remains uneven and incomplete
Markets react to rising rates
(CS), DOW trades above Tuesday's record close
Sentiment dampened by 1% rise in March PPI; CBOE VIX INDEX
Honeywell boosts DOW after analyst upgrade
Stocks fluctuate near record highs
DOW, S&P 500 hit record highs even as PPI jumps; Stocks waver as PPI tops estimates
Amazon takes commanding lead in Alabama Union vote; Prince Philip dies at 99
Jim Stewart, CNBC contributor; Stocks trade near record levels
Viking chairman on outlook; Clarida: expect inflation to be transitory
Global inflation levels hitting tech stocks; Bank earnings kick off next week
Robinhood's crypto biz boom ahead of IPO; Attention on U.K. equities
The rise of podcasts big investments in Audio Space; Amazon clinches win over union
DOW and S&P at record highs keep riding the rally?; AMZN, Trunka: heroic Amazon workers have made history
Archegos fallout Bill Hwang's risk appetite; IMF to discuss more support for vulnerable middle-income nations
Inflation on the rise, FED too complacent?; Yields rise as inflation fears loom
(AMZN), Amazon clinches definitive win over unionization effort; Betting on more volatility
"No" votes hit simple majority threshold in Amazon Union vote; USGG10YR
U.S. oil rig count unchanged this week at 337-Baker Hughs; Germany doubles vaccination pace
DOW, S&P 500 hit all-time highs; Russia says risk of Ukraine war is growing
Junk-bond yields fall below 4%
(CCL), Credit Suisse upgrades Carnival to outperform
DOW, S&P 500 record closes; Stocks trade at session highs
Powell: won't be able to resume with confidence until world is vaccinated; Real-time indicators signal U.S. rebound
Amazon wins enough votes to beat union effort in AL; David Westin
Big recovery in the cards? Rolling the dice on Vegas; Allure of digital currencies
Red hot housing boom, Maddest market ever; Tax hikes on the horizon?



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