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S&P 500 Forecast for Friday, August 13, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins8/13/21@8:20am est. Finishes8/13/21@4:39pm est.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins8/13/21@8:20am est. Finishes8/13/21@4:39pm est.

#MoonEntersScorpio @8:01pm est.


Vaccine booster approval FDA oks 3rd dose for immunocompromised; Boivin: pro-risk at this stage
Nasdaq still lower for week broke 2-day skid Thursday; Telsey: big box discounters getting customers
U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO on labor shortages; Futures approach session highs
(ABNB), Record highs for Dow, S&P; (MRNA), (BNTX), (NVAX)
(KSU), Record highs for Dow, S&P; S&P hits record intraday high
Consumer sentiment index 70.2 vs. 81.3 est.; (DIS)
Chapek: we believe vaccinations are key to mitigating pandemic impact; Fate of $3.5T budget blueprint
NYSE president in IPO pipeline; Labor shortage impact
Bringing the magic back $DIS beats estimates across segments
Pete sells Netflix YTD: down 4.5% 1-year: up 7.5%; Judge says evictions ban can remain in place
The retail trade Walmart vs. Target; Romero: recall effort started before pandemic
Market's current mood: anti-lockdown rotation; U.S. 10-year yield slides to 1.30%
Michigan consumer sentiment index plunges to lowest since 2011
(AAPL), Apple software chief addresses "confusion" over child safety features
(DIS), (NFLX); New talks underway to end Venezuela impasse
CDC panel votes to back extra vaccine dose
 First of 3,000-member force being sent to Kabul has arrived
IEA downgrades demand outlook as the Delta Variant spreads
Disney pops on Q3 earnings beat on EPS and revenue; USGG10YR, Bonds rally on weak sentiment data
CDC vaccine advisors recommend boosters for vulnerable pop
Financials overtake energy to lead the reopening trade
China partially shuts down world's third busiest port; Financials overtake energy to lead the reopening trade
(CVX), (DOW), Disney rallies on earninigs beat
S&P closes at record high; SPXL2 Index
Super Bowl of classic cars $325M in total sales expected
The real read on rates what tapering means for markets; Apple adding controversial feature to fight child pornography
The real read on rates where yields go from here; Doordash posts record orders
Biggest lowes-er?; Bat area startups see big VC
Inflation nation; infrastructure bill approved by senate
Inflation: transitory or long-term? economic data gives mixed signals; INDU, S&P 500 sets 48th record of 2021
Fears of humanitarian crisis as Taliban closes in on Kabul



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