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S&P 500 Forecast for Friday, August 28, 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

*******synchronistic significance


100% (5 correct statements out of 5 statement)

Day's Theme - A gap down AND/OR a decline from the open. Opportunity in the premarket around support / resistance. A move higher AND/OR a reversal before 10am est. The Senate is highlighted between 10am and 11am est.

1-Day High - Prior day's close AND/OR between roughly 2pm and 3pm est. AND/OR the postmarket.

1-Day Low - Multiple lows.

Planned Trades - Multiple trade opportunities at the lows.


"Financials, tech lead at the open"

"Japanese PM Abe to resign over health issues"
"Fed paves way for low-rate era" "CCMP"
"Clashes continue over Jacob Blake shooting"
"Europe's discount carriers look to gain share as rivals shrink" ESYJY, RYAAY
"Manduca: will be a lot of U.K. isolation rules" "SXTP"
"Japanese PM Abe to resign over health issues" "USD-JPY"
"Halpenny: don't see Japan's policymakers have much choice" "USD-JPY"

"EU urges Turkey to stop mediterranean drilling"
"Thousands rally for racial justice at March on Washington"
"JXVO Index"
"Thousands join march on Washington"
"Bullard: rates will stay low for a long time" "DOW Industrials"
"Dow closes positive for 2020 for 1st time since Feb 21" "VIX Index"
"SPX" "S&P 500 posts 5th up week, longest weekly win streak in 2020" "All 11 S&P sectors close higher"

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