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S&P 500 Forecast for Friday, March 26, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


100% (9 correct statements out of 9 statements.)

The overall highlight / theme / behavior of the the S&P for today is that of a leader in business or a male celebrity providing inspiration and motivation. An innovative and original idea or solution improves a financial situation and a big move higher along a trend line takes place as a result. In the pre-market an exuberant and temperamental leader is highlighted during a period of volatility and wild swings. The market exhibits a holding pattern as congress AND/OR an older woman (likely Pelosi) proves helpful or she interferes. Around the open, the market’s reaction to this female leader is that of intense buying followed by some buyer's remorse. Between the open and 10am there is a rebalancing/consolidation before which is exhibited by a sharp dip within bullish market rotation. Between roughly 10am and 11am the S&P tests a support level creating a trough “rebirth through fire,“ disagreements, disruptions, obstacles, gossip, protests, demonstrations, AND/OR riots are all a strong possibility of being highlighted at this time. From approximately 11am through 12PM the market exhibits expansive, enthusiastic behavior and excitement as investors pile risk. As a result of exciting good news there is an extremely powerful rally as stocks jump. Between 11:45am and 12:15pm “change arrives”. There is a rebalancing and an equilibrium between Bulls and Bears is reached through fluid sideways fluctuations. A balance between inflow and outflow with higher than average volume reflects investors adapting to change. From roughly 1pm through 2pm another trough forms as a new way of thinking emerges when investors gain clarity surrounding new ideas. This clarity is exhibited by sideways bearish price swings . From 2pm through 3pm stability, authority, and government are the highlighted and rational move higher takes place. In the post market there is subterfuge; a daring move higher that is intended to cause impulsive decisions through convolution and deception in an attempt to shake out short investors. This strong rally higher in the face of seemingly overwhelming headwinds is cut short due to bad news around the close. This news relates to a long standing problematic relationship (likely from afar.) Market behavior around the close is that of a decline after three failed attempts to breakout through a resistance.

The day’s high forms through a huge breakout rally that commences out of a notable low/trough AND/OR out of a strong decline. The high involves a pending decision getting a green light.

Around the day’s low an economic leader provides support causing a huge breakout rally off of the low AND/OR wild swings. Sentiment is to “buy the dip.” This breakout through resistance reaches an additional resistance level at which point it pulls back.

If I choose to place trades today I will do so around 10am-11am when the S&P meets and bumps along a support level. My position will be to open bullish positions and closing and *speculative bearish positions. I will hold my less speculative bearish positions (*far off expiration put options) covering my equity positions.


US10Y, DOW, S&P aim for weekly gains currently just below breakeven; Biden doubles vaccine goal for 1st 100 days
Stocks higher; Stocks to watch at the open
The Wall Street bonus boom, 2020 average up 10% to $184K; The great inflation debate
We-worked!, SPAC deal values it at $9B; Inflation's impact on different sectors
Severe storms kill 5 in southeast U.S.; Biden pushes $3T infrastructure plan
Jim's new buy, Cisco (CSCO); USGG10YR, PGIM CEO: inflation stays low
NFL player & philanthropist, Kelvin Beachum, JR.; Tech CEOs questioned on misinformation
USGG10YR, Yields, breakeven rates jump in 2021
Wework to go public through $9B deal with SPAC; SEC opens inquiry into SPAC frenzy
The economic recovery, re-opening already priced in?; INDU, 10-year yield down on week for first time since January
(KWEB), (BABA), (BIDU), (JD), Chinese internet under pressure cos. face sec scrutiny; Equity Index
Stocks near session highs; N.J. to expand COVID vaccine eligibility
Stocks rally into close; SPX, NASDAQ, Russell 2000 down on week
(VIAC), Russell 2K has worst week since Jan 29; Viacomcbs, Discovery post biggest one-day losses ever
Stocks stage late-day rally, S&P finishes up 1.7%; The Amazon Union vote
Buy sign on real estate?; AMZN US Equity
Kraus: in a period of cyclical rotations
Bottom line: the reopening trade is showing signs of life, if it's the new normal, I'm thrilled, but let's see if it sticks
Making the case for using offsets
There's a whiff of inflation in the air - Cramer's explaining how it could impact your portfolio of stocks


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