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S&P 500 Forecast for Friday, September 25, 2020

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


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Day's Theme - Confusion and uncertainty due to the convergence of many support / resistance / trend lines AND/OR due to contradictory technical indications. Bouncing along resistance in the premarket. Around the open there is an opportunity provided within volatility AND/OR price swings. A notable move higher out of the open followed by a decline through support between roughly 10am and 11am est. From roughly 11am to 12pm est. there is comparable move higher to break through resistance before falling back down below that same support / resistance level. A notable move higher from roughly 1pm est. into the close. The end of day rally is connected to a male authority, optimism, and economics. A peak is formed AND/OR environmental issues are highlighted as we approach the close. A decline through a support level in the postmarket.

1-Day High - Strong decline off of the high. Timing unclear.

1-Day Low - Significant change in market trend at the bottom. Timing unclear.

Planned Trades - ***********DAY TRADE OPPORTUNITY

I've been advised to 1) buy to open ITM Calls and ITM Puts around the open AND/OR 2) buy to open ITM Puts when the a resistance level is met within the hours of 10am - 11am est. Puts will be sold once support is breached during the decline that takes place between 10am and 11am est. 3) BTO ITM Calls once support is breached during the 10am - 11am decline. Sell the ITM Calls between 11am and 12pm est. at the moment it appears that the recently breached resistance level will being retested.

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