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S&P 500 Forecast for Friday, September 3, 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Theme and Overall Behavior:

Bullish rotation.

Pre-market to Noon:

In the pre-market, we have an opportunity to open positions in both directions. At the open, there is a period of decline marked by a big move higher. Around 9:30am-10:00am we have this big move higher along a diagonal support level. It eventually breaks down through that level in sideways sharp decline.

The move higher will continue until roughly 10:50am. Around 11:00am, give or take 10 minutes, there will be a few failed attempts to break resistance. We have the Indolence card, so there is a high that is reached which will not be revisited within this day. I would say that the resistance level fails, and we break down through multiple support levels. At midday, we will test resistance with three pokes, followed by a strong decline.

Noon to Post-market:

There is resistance and support that are tested between 12:00pm and 2:30pm. From roughly 1:00pm-2:00pm, we have some range-bound behavior. There is oppression here. We have a breakout through two levels to the upside range. This looks to me as if we are coming off a low. We have a low around 2:00pm-3:00pm, which is either a significant low or the low for the day. Out of that, we have an indication and crossing of a support resistance level, back and forth three times, followed by some sort of confirmation of a breakout. This turns into a rally, moving toward the end of the day. Right at the end of the close, we have a sharp reversal, sharp decline, or price swing.


We have a crest at roughly 10:45am. We may have another crest, a bit higher, between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. A piece of news comes out, giving us an opportunity to close long positions. This news is regarding a male leader, possibly the President, and it is highlighted around this time. Between the hours of 2:00pm and 3:00pm, there is an opportunity to open protection. We also have a low followed by a high, or crest, within that hour. There is further movement into the close, where we have the high for the day and at least one big price swing. In the post-market, there is a decline off a high.

The Senate is going to be highlighted around the high. The trade opportunities are around support. It looks as if there is one in the pre-market and another around, or directly after, the close. For correlations, there is the Princess of Swords in the pre-market.

Looking Ahead:

On Monday, September 6th, we should have a lower low than that of today. The Preview card is that of defeat. Defeat indicates a failed attempt to breach resistance.

#MoonEntersLeo @11:58am est.


Payrolls up 235,000; ESU1, U.S. Aug. private payrolls increase 243,000 est. 610K
Private sector payrolls up 243,000 (August); U.S. Aug. payrolls increase 235K; est. 732.5K
(DIDI); Payrolls to fuel Biden's fiscal push?
Private sector payrolls up 243,000 (August); AAPL
(AAPL), Apple delay's plan to scan iPhones for child exploitation images
Walsh: jobs numbers impacted by Delta
Soon: Pres. Biden on jobs report Aug. payrolls up 235K vs. up 720K est; U.S. Aug. payrolls increase 235K
Groshen: employers using degrees to screen
(CVX), Engine no. 1 met with Chevron board & other oil companies - sources; N.Y. death toll from floods rise to 15, Governor Hochel says
The renaissance tax game; USGG2YR, Biden: seeing an economic recovery that is durable and strong
Biden says Congress needs to pass his economic agenda
(NFLX), (GOOGL), (MSFT), Rob Sechan, Newsedge Capital Group; Holtz-Eakin: big fiscal problem
Archambeau: must invest in managers
Stocks off session lows; more fuel for a patient fed
Putin: Taliban need to join civilized states
Styne: restaurants near breaking pt.
SPX, Stocks wobble after weak jobs report
(NFLX), (ETN), (CRM), Disappointing jobs number impact on your portfolio
Taliban say they've taken Panjshir and now control all of Afghanistan; Suga: told party I want to concentrate on Covid
Maderna: booster submission complete
(KNX), (JBHT), (SAIA), Trucking rates surge following hurricane Ida; U.S.: up to $2,275 for each Afghan evacuee
US10Y, BOFA: clients concerned about " Fed-induced bubble"; SPX Index
Nasdaq record close
F45 opens first location on a military basee in June
Netflix's big breakout; China crackdown
Unexpected pair trade; Sharp slowdown in U.S. hiring
Taking your tweets; Creating a Bitcoin economy
Concerns about housing market
China implements crackdowns across several industries; Summers: there s more revenue to be found
Getting a green light? The rise of ESG investing; Rubenstein: hopeful for U.S. future


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