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S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, April 12, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


92% (12 correct statements out of 13 statements.)

The S&P 500’s theme for today is an older woman proves helpful or she interferes resulting in intense buying followed by some Buyer's Remorse. Overall behavior is bullish for the day. This is exhibited by breaking out through resistance and reaching an additional resistance level at which point there is a pullback. In the premarket there is a decline to the first low of the day, a reversal off of support, rallying back to a reversal off resistance, and then another decline to meet support again. This female figure is highlighted in the premarket and around the open. At the open I may decide to take advantage of the opportunity for me to cash in or take a credit dependent on circumstances. From the open through roughly 11am est a sudden, fast, big move higher transitions into volatile sideways movement as investors embrace headwinds. Within that volatile sideways movement, another opportunity for me to buy into a dip is presented while the street is fearful. Between roughly 11am and 12pm est. a strong rally higher expresses a carefree attitude on the street. The rally leads to a resistance level between 12pm and 1pm est. This resistance level is crossed three times. The day’s second high forms mid-day as a temporary pause in the rally takes hold. From the days high, a second low for the day is formed within the same hour, roughly 12pm -1pm est.. At least one false bottom AND/OR top between approximately 1pm and 2pm est. while the S&P exhibits the type of market behavior that causes impulsive and hasty decisions. I am advised to be caution at this time. From around 2pm to 3pm est another strong move higher takes place. In the last hour of trading, investors priorities shift from risk-on into protecting gains causing a notable decline from a failed retest of resistance at a recent crest/high. At the close there is a sharp dip AND/OR a notable price swing. In the post market the S&P touches/pierces the same resistance line up to three times before declining.


#MoonEntersTaurus @1:44pm est.


(NUAN), (MSFT); Futures retreat after S&P 500 record
Microsoft buys Nuance Communications for $56/shr; Futures retreat after S&P 500 record
Higher taxes on the way?, Paying for infrastructure bill; Dudley: FED not sure speed of inflation
Microstrategy to now pay board members in bitcoin; An offensive or defensive acquisition
(MSFT), Microsoft buys Nuance Communications for $56/shr
Stocks to watch ahead of the open
(BWA), (REGN), (NSC), (HOLX), (TT), Transports on 10-week win streak longest run since 1989
(MSFT), (NUAN); Stocks poised to retreat from records
DOW, S&P coming off 3-week win streak
Stocks to watch at the open
(AAL), (UAL), (DAL), (LUV), (JBLU), Moments away: Microsoft & Nuance Communications CEOs; SPX Index
(BABA); Stocks open to the downside
(MSFT), (NUAN), Satya Nadella, Microfost CEO; Europe looks to speed rollout
White House chip summit addressing global semi shortage
Study: South african variant can evade Pfizer vaccine; NYC opens dedicated vaccine site for tv, film, theatre workers
(AMAT), (LRCX), (MRVL), (XLNX); Companies offer vaccine inventives
Stocks slightly lower; Alibaba slapped with $2.8B fine
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger on global chip shortage; NCOVGBCA Index
Early coinbase investor Reid Hoffman talks crypto; Veolia to buy Suez, ending takeover battle
Biden hosts chip shortage summit
Tech & Comm services lag; Bullard on debate over tapering
Investors 'all in' on stocks?; Bullard: better Y/Y price comparisons may come in 2H 2021
Nvidia announces first data center CPU; Biden hosts chip shortage summit
S&P hovers near flatline after notching fresh record high; Democrats start work on Biden plan
Corporate America largely opposes tax hikes - BRT survey; U.K. eases lockdown measures
President Biden meets with execs on global chip shortage; NY. MTA sells 1st payroll - tax bonds
JPMorgan: Archegos blow-up to cost global banks $10B
Variant booster shot being administered to study participants
Major averages lower after posting weekly gains; Markel party backs Laschet as candidate
(BMBL), (MTCH), BTIG bullish on online dating space; Democrats start work on Biden plan
Google, GM CEOs get chance for White House pleas for chips
US10Y, Microsoft to buy Nuance Communications for $56/share
Fmr. Cypress semiconductor CEO on global chip shortage; Barel: variety of vehicles has been growing significantly
Gloves off in the chip wars, Nivdia takes on Intel, AMD; U.S. stocks pare losses
Earnings season countdown; MSTR, What to watch when coinbase goes public
No currency manipulator tag
Nvidia said today it plans to make its own server central processor, called Grace, based on ARM technology
Yellen won't label China FX manipulator
As the world reopens, where's the consumer heading?, Cramer's breaking down post-vaccine buying trends
At least 1 dea, officer injured in Knoxville school shooting; Asian stocks set for mixed start; Aussie bonds fall



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