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S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, April 26, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


89% (8 correct statements out of 9 statements.)

Bad news that produces temporary financial crisis, unemployment, or heavy debt are the highlights today. The S&P 500’s overall behavior for today is sideways bearish rotation which transitions in significantly wild swings as the day progresses. In the premarket there is a strong decline. Behavior right around the open will [falsely indicate direction by making a big move counter to the true trend ] AND/OR [falsely trigger an indicator.] I advise myself to remain temperate and treat this prominent move as a “counter-to-trend indicator.” The improbable happens while the S&P 500 moves out of the open and into 10am est. Between roughly 10am through 11am a confusion fueled panic causes a notable decline. Between roughly 11am and 12pm this notable decline transitions into bearish price swings in which [a noteworthy peak] AND/OR [a high] is formed. Between approximately 11am and 1pm a judiciary or business leader making an impactful decision is highlighted. From around 12pm through 1pm a notable decline becomes a significant rally that eventually reaches the same levels as that of the earlier crest. This rally becomes another decline; this time breaking down through a support level after testing resistance twice before bouncing along the next support level and then breaking down through more support lines. From this breakdown, wild swings are exhibited between around 2pm through the post market. At least one sharp decline through support level(s) followed by at least one big move upward transpires between 2pm and the post-market. Tomorrow presents me with a low around the same level as today’s low OR a lower low than that of today. Free members of www.TarotForTraders read today’s prediction on Friday April 23rd. ***We become on May 11th!***

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins4/26/21@7:15am est. Finishes4/26/21@8:40am est.

#MoonEntersScorpio @12:18pm est.


Durable goods orders up 0.5% vs. up 2.2% est, NQA; U.S. March durable goods orders increase 0.5%; est. 2.3%
Tesla reports tonight China growth, Capex in focus; Lebas: valuations are fairly steep
Stocks come off losing week first in 5 weeks for Dow, S&P
FED policymakers to meet, policy statement Wednesday; Investors eye FED decision, Biden speech
(PFE), (BNTX), (MRNA), (JNJ), (AZN), Reporting this week: Tesla, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple
(AAPL), (MSFT), (GOOGL), Alphabet target raised to $2,400 at truist
Alphabet hits new record intraday high
(SWKS), Tracking the trades Weiss buys more Skyworks; Gore: it's the early stages of a revolution
(NXPI), Tech's make or break moment, big week for earnings; Redirecting the U.S. economy
Mulvaney: we don't hear about paying for anything in Washington
(JOET), Tech's make or break moment big week for earnings
Market top not here, Keith Banks, BofA
(BA), Boeing earnings on deck set to report Wednesday
Dungan: European commission partially to blame for slow vaccination rates
New reopening trades hotel, dining ETF's launch
Calculating congressional representation
Marcus Sameulsson on launching the black businesses matter matching fund
Tesla on pace for fourth positive day in past five U.S. 5Y notes draw 0.849%, matches pre-sale when-issued yield
First "supermoon" of 2021 to light up U.S. tonight; Bank lending falls as Powell keeps rates low
FEar of missing out speculation in the market; W.T.O. urges U.S. and U.K. to share vaccines
Facebook vs. Apple small business caught on the middle; Tesla earnings out after the bell
India's COVID crisis worsens, threatens economic rebound; Apple to invest $430B in U.S. over 5 years
CEO pay pushback; Olympic organizers to tweak pandemic plans
Chipmaker earnings on deck; Blackrock's Fink vows 'loud' activism
Dicenso: should 'temper expectations' for meaningful upside in the months ahead
Retroactive tax hikes on capital gains more complex
Yields climb slightly as investors weigh growth prospects versus data and earnings
(OTIS), (FCX), (ALB), Awaiting Tesla
Keeney: Tesla is still much further ahead of competitors in performance and price
LYFT selling its self-driving unit to Toyota for $550M
Brace for a correction? Wilson sees 10-20% pullback; Apple ups U.S. investments to $430B
HBO Max app downloads dip despite 'Mortal Kombat' release
(AMZN), Amazon stock split coming? Inside the options activity
TSCO reported customer traffic increased 21% during 1Q '21 and average ticket prices were up 17.6%
TSCO CEO on customer trends he's spotted; Critical costs cuts
NZ farmers look to reduce cows' methane burps
An NFT, of a "non-fungible token", is a digital asset that combines cryptocurrency philosophies and art & collectibles



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