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S&P 500 Forecast for Monday January 10th, 2022

Updated: Aug 29, 2022


Sharp decline through multiple resistance levels. Rune card is one of the biggest decline cards in the deck.


There’s a notable price point or price level highlighted in the pre-market. We have sideways price swings that are slightly bullish in nature from the open. Through roughly 10am to 11am there is an agreement or merger between two parties that is highlighted. There is a peak or a crest whose price level will not be revisited within the time frame of this reading. Then we have some sideways fluctuations and volatility as a result of the decision that was made. The volatility comes before noon, and after that we have a big pop to the upside to reach a distant resistance level.

There are multiple failed attempts and the big move higher between roughly 1pm and 2pm. There are multiple attempts to break through key resistance and then in the 2pm to 3pm hour we have an opportunity to open some short positions and protect long positions. At the close, there is a support level that we establish or re-establish. In the post-market, volume and fluctuation really peter out. Around the highs there are three pokes through resistance, followed by a sharp decline. Behavior around the low is going to be a completion of a trend formed after a sharp decline.

Looking to Tomorrow:

A flight to safety.



















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