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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Markets

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


100% (1 statement correct out of 1 statement)

Day's Theme - Based on the combination of Planetary Retrograde Chart Pattern Theory, the behavior of the S&P 500 throughout the first shadow period (explained here) , and the cards for today, there is likely to be a big gap down through multiple support levels at the open AND/OR a strong move higher throughout the day. However if my interpretation pans out as incorrect and the S&P actually gaps up at the open we will likely see a very strong decline through multiple support levels over the day.

1-Day High - towards the post market.

1-Day Low - forms between the premarket and 10:15am est.

Planned Trades - Buy calls or bullish day trade positions at the open.


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