S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, June 14, 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Daily Forecasts to be continued after Mercury Station Direct

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Nearing halfway point of 2021 what investors need to know; Darda: have bearish sentiment in bond market
Jones: if Fed stays the course, I'd go all in on inflation trades; The NYC mayoral race
(CRSR), Lordstown shares sink CEO and CFO resign; Markets preparing for the Fed
(BAC), (C), (WFC), Stocks aim to extend gains S&P 500 at record high; Treasury rally pauses ahead of Fed
Stocks aim to extend gains S&P 500 at record high
S&P 500 edges lower, but hangs close to record high; GS to bring most U.S. workers back to office
Jones: green light if Fed doesn't move this week; Confronting a hostile Russia
Biden says Nato, Article 5 is a 'sacred obligation'
More than two million air travelers are screened for first time since March
(RIDE), Probe admits issues with pre-order statements; Fed: home-price change expectations rise to 6.2% in May vs 5.5%
GXO to spin out from XPO in 3Q 2021
Fed rate decision due on Wednesday
Bremmer: underlying relationship between the U.S. and China is heading nowhere good
NVAX, Novavax shows strong efficacy
Swiss detail extra security measures for Biden-Putin summit
Dimensional converts four mutual funds to ETFs; California takes on critics
Breaking up big tech help or hurt valuations?; Oil hits more than 2-year high
NYC to hold ticker tape parade for frontline workers on July 7; Talks to continue on Biden budget plan
Biden to hold press conference at Nato HQ; Putin on U.S. cyber attack claims: "farcical"
S A, Gold falls to four-week low, copper sags ahead of Fed meeting
Secure is a benefit helping employees save for emergencies
Dow, S&P 500 lower for first time in 3 sessions; IL chemical plant explosion triggers evacs
Bitcoin crosses $40K for first time since May; Biden: Trump wing of republican party is the bulk of the party
Facing the music, music publishers vs Roblox, Crop prices fall on better U.S. weather outlook
Paul Tudor Jones: Fed could give green light for inflation trade; Apple's beats buds, mask policy