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S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, March 22, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


90% (9 correct statements out of 10 statements.)

The theme and overall behavior of the S&P 500 throughout the today is that of sudden unexpected losses. The day may be highlighted by a relationship that was relied upon ending through misfortune or a negative outcome. Pre-market behavior is sideways bullish rotations that create a false confirmation of a breakout through a resistance level seemingly creating new support. Economic data before or around the open results in bullish rotation around the first high of the day. That bullish rotation then becomes sideways bearish rotation AND/OR a significant drop as nervous investors brace for hard times. Roughly between the open and 11 AM I plan to take the opportunity to create a balanced position through the use of options and/or hedging long positions. Roughly from 11 AM through 12 PM there will be a strong decline which is followed by a powerful move higher around 12pm -1pm that creates a second crest. This move higher highlights some optimism having to do with encouraging news. After the mid-day jump higher, there is more bearish rotation that significantly increases in volatility as we move toward the close. A notable reversal around roughly 2pm to 3pm. Moving into the close the S&P revisits a low and/or continues declining. Notable price swings around the close. A strong move higher in the post market.


(TBA), Thoma Bravo to take ironsource public in $11.1 billion SPAC deal; Treasury yields retreat from recent highs
NASDAQ higher for 5th time in 6 days; FDDSGDP Index
Stocks erase early losses; Tech leads U.S. stock gains
Blink charging 2,700% in 1-yr, CEO on charging network
Investing in tech's "behavioral change economy"; U.K. leisure stocks under pressure
(NKE), Call of the day, Nike named top pick at UBS; SXXP Index
Record fund flows, boost from stimulus checks; Black exits Apollo ahead of schedule
(NVDA), (AAPL); Schroeder: digital creates a win-win for fans
Snap is up more than 470% from its 52-week low
(AGG), Hard decisions for investors, markets face a critical moment; Biden will try to stem illegal migrant surge
Tax breaks coming?; The black bankers reshaping wall street
Loop capital analyst names draftkings a top pick; Protests call for end to anti-asian violence
(APO), Leon black steps down as, chairman of Apollo Global Management; Top court to weigh Boston marathon case
(ICLN), (CSIQ), (NFLX), (GOOGL), VW USA CEO: ship shortage to last months; Meme stocks take a hit
Powell: recovery is far from complete, FED support to continue
Powell: hope for return to more normal conditions "later this year"
Is the market getting too complacent with reopening?; Apple, Tesla lag SPX year-to-date
(LB); Preventing the next cyber attack



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