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S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, March 29, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


100% (6 correct statements out of 6 statements.)

The theme and overall behavior of the S&P for the day is that of a leader making an impactful decision that turns a significant decline into a significant move higher as investors buy the dip. In the premarket a financial / economic situation improves dramatically. Necessary funds arrive AND/OR a moment the street was waiting for. Economic initiatives are taken. Completion of legislation/policy/decision sparks a strong and sudden move higher. Around the open support is tested and confirmed before a move higher. This is followed by bearish price swings between roughly the open and 9:50am which reflects a shift in the Street’s thinking is taking place. The bearish price swings end with a sudden and notable move higher somewhere between roughly 9:45am and 11am. The sudden move higher around 9:45am -11am is an intentional shake out by falsely triggering an indicator AND/OR somewhere between 11am and 12pm there is a strong move counter to true trend direction. Between roughly 12pm and 1pm there is a failed attempt to break resistance AND/OR a breakdown through support level(s). Between roughly 1pm and 2pm there is price fluctuation AND/OR a temporary decline reflecting paranoia and confusion most likely involving the deceptive move earlier in the day.  A crest forms between roughly 2pm and 3pm when there is a breakout through a resistance level to form a peak before falling back below the same support level. From roughly 3pm into the close what was cause for bullish sentiment is abandoned due to disillusionment as we see a decline through support that is preceded by a notable high that will not be revisited within the querent's specified time frame. Around the close I may take a balanced strategy, through opening and closing positions, hedging, and/or certain options spreads as I will favor volatility. The post market exhibits overall increase AND/OR wild swings. A breakout through resistance to reach an additional resistance at which point there is a pull back while and older woman helps or interferes with the situation.


(NMR), (CS), Financials, energy lead to the downside; Standout stocks on the open
Stocks drop as block trades rattle investors
Biden to unveil major spending plan
(VIAC), Stocks open lower on hedge fund default concerns; Banks slump as archegos drama unfolds
Pilot raises $100M Bezos-backed co. valued at $1.2B; Suez canal says ship is afloat, free from bank
(OKTA), Shark Tank's Herjavec on the state of cybersecurity; GUKG10, Europe's virus woes weigh on growth
AP: Russian hackers accessed homeland security chief's email
(CS), (NMR), (DB), (GS), (MS), Banks warn of losses after archegos share dump
Baidu, Tencent Music, Vipshop down 35%-45% from recent all-time highs
Archegos margin call drama Credit Suisse, Nomura warn of "significant losses"
INDU, Stocks off lows to trade mixed
Defense: Floyd did not die of asphyxiation
Canadian panel calls for Astrazeneca vaccine pause
NY state adults to be eligible on April 6
DOW posts record close
Oil choppy as Suez Canal reopens
DOW posts record close
Ship stuck in Suez Canal finally freed



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