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S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, May 17, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


82% (9 correct statements out of 11 statements.)

The overall behavior of the S&P 500 throughout the day is that of a breakdown through a diagonal trendline after a high and/or crest, and/or after a notable rally along the aforementioned trendline. In the pre-market, there’s a decline after revisiting a recent peak and a rotation into conservative investments. Stocks jump from a trough right around the open of the day. From that jump and/or peak there is a notable decline off of the peak due to investors taking profits. From the decline, which takes place from the market open through roughly 10am EST, there is another notable move higher as investors take profits but expand their holdings during the rally which takes place between roughly 10am and 11am EST. Between the hours of 11am and 12pm, approximately, the rally continues, reaching a new high and/or exhibiting a breakout through multiple resistance levels. Between 12pm and roughly 1:15pm EST, a day’s high is formed and/or a crest is formed when multiple attempts to breakout through key resistance are exhibited. Between approximately 1pm and 3pm EST, there is a rotation at the end of a rally and a decline from a peak down to a support level. Between 2 pm and 3pm EST an unexpected change takes place. Stocks plunge in a very strong decline from a peak or from a crest. Within the last two hours of trading the highlight becomes a stalemate in negotiations with no satisfactory course of action to end the stalemate. Stocks exhibit sideways movement on lighter volume. Right around the close of the day fear of the unknown and paranoia take hold of the street. Technicals exhibit price fluctuation and/or exhibit temporary decline. Between roughly 3:45pm EST and the post market there is a sudden and strong decline through multiple support levels fueled by unexpected news. I advise myself to take profits and/or open credit call spreads. The low for the day will involve the testing of an important support level. Free members of read these predictions days in advance. Subscribe now.

#MoonEntersLeo @8:44am est.


Spotify's EK: my offer to buy arsenal rejected; U.S. stocks slide at the open
AT&T to merge Warnermedia unit with Discovery
(T), (DISCA), Stankey: transaction is good for our shareholders; Smead: discovery an industry 'toll bridge'
Supreme court agrees to hear Mississippi abortion ban case; JPM welcomes back more U.S. employees
(AAPL), (GOOGL), (AMZN), (FB), (MSFT), Nasdaq coming off fourth straight negative week
Worst of the selling over? Your next money move; PFE, U.S. to share additional 20 million doses by the end of June
The troubled tech trade is the worst over?; Rieder: FED should move away from emergency conditions
(DISCA), Zaslav: we're creating best media company in the world; United Airlines CEO on travel demand
Tracking the trades investment committee's moves; Harley-Davidson tariff rate was set to rise to 56% from 31%
Retail rundown big earnings week for sector; S5FINL, About 60% of S&P 500 names lower
Gold at highest levels since past three months; U.S. daily cases fall to 14-month low
AT&T to merge Warnermedia unit with Discovery; AT&T confirms deal with discovery
Treasury, IRS to roll out monthly child tax credit on July 15
California keeping mask mandate until June 15
Taiwan, Singapore stocks turn Asia's worst on virus curbs
Mike Wilson's now S&P call; About 60% of S&P 500 names lower
(AAPL), (MSFT), (V), Dowe , S&P 500 trading 2% from all-time highs
S&P 500, Nasdaq negative for month of May
(DXCM), (TSLA), (ISRG), Zaslav: will be able to super serve advertisers
Rezooming normal life; Novogratz: we are a diversified business, not just Bitcoin
(T), (DISCA), AT&T to merge Warnermedia unit with Discovery; AT&T confirms deal with Discovery
"Riskier than a recession" ringing the inflation alarm; Novogratz on crypto volatility
Charting Bitcoin's course; AMZN, Amazon access to mailbox could be grounds to overturn union vote
WEF cancels Singapore meeting
Cramer: when AT&T bought Time Warner, it mentioned synergy & its fresh approach to media
Cramer: Coinbase passes the test with flying colors, but the stock is joined at the hip with volatile Bitcoin
Dow, Nasdaq & S&P 500 all closed in the red today; SOX, stocks fall as inflation unease lingers; oil rises
White House: Pres. Bien told Netanyahu he supports cease-fire



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