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S&P 500 Forecast for Monday, October 5, 2020

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


% ( correct statements out of statements.)

Day's Theme - Indolence indicates a gap down off of Friday's high AND/OR decline through support in the premarket. A reversal off of a support level AND/OR price swings out of the open. Followed by sideways movement from roughly 10am - 11am. est. From roughly 11am through 12pm est. there is a rally along a trend-line up to a resistance level which it then meets or briefly crosses. A decline to a support level AND/OR sideways rotation from 12pm - 1pm est. Misdirection beginning around 1pm est. Between roughly 1pm through the close there will be a very strong move higher. A trade opportunity from around the close through the post market.

1-Day High - Roughly between the close and the post-market.

1-Day Low - Around the open AND/OR between roughly 12pm and 1pm est.

Planned Trades - If the high is around the close I will BTO long puts to be sold around tomorrow's open.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins4/10/20@6:59am est. Finishes5/10/20@2:41pm est.


Energy sector benefiting from crude oil bounce: U.K.-EU post-Brexit trade talks heat up
Positive signs in relief talks; U.S. stocks rally most in a week
Real estate lagging.SPX
Stocks firmly in the green; Megacap tech stocks outperform
UXVO Index

Trump tweet: leaving Walter Reed at 6:30 pm; Trump says he's leaving hospital at 6:30 pm today
Covid-19 & retail: holiday season at risk?; Surge in digital banking amid pandemic
Paris on maximum virus alert
Tropical storm Delta forms in Caribbean
Stocks jump to session highs after Trump says he will be discharged later Monday, Dow up 400 points
30-year treasury yield hits highest since late August; bonds decline as stocks rally
Trump may not be entirely out of the woods yet, doctor says
Plan is to givee president another dose of Remdesivir before he goes home


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