S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, April 22, 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021


92% (11 correct statements out of 12 statements.)

Fear of the unknown, paranoia, and confusion are today’s theme. Overall behavior of the S&P 500 is [fluctuation] AND/OR [decline.] In the premarket there is [a new high] AND/OR [there is a revisiting of a recent new high.] A reversal is also highlighted at this time. Congress is highlighted in between roughly the premarket and the open and causes a sudden plunge off of a peak to eventually form the day’s first trough/low. Around 10am through 11am a trial by fire leads to a bullish rotation into defensive positions and to a notable crest or notable high. Something that was intentionally hidden surprises investors roughly between the hours of 11am through 1pm and causes a decline that rebounds back to around the same level as where it started; creating something like a “U” shape. Between approximately 12pm and 1pm there is a notable pivot and end of a bearish trend forms. Within the same hour as the pivot destruction comes new hope reflected by a huge move higher out of the day’s second notable trough/low. Within 30 minutes of 1pm EITHER [the powerful midday rally breaks out through a key resistance level confirming an upward trend and creating a new high] AND/OR [the powerful midday rally bounces along a new support line after breaking through that same line’s resistance.] In both of the aforementioned cases a bullish rotation sets in between roughly 1pm through 2pm. Within the hours of 2pm and 3pm the S&P fulfills expectations of classic technical analysis around the intersection of multiple lines (Ie; trend, support, resistance, diagonals, etc.) In the last hour of trading bullish movement bounces along a resistance level(s) eventually transitioning into more prominent bullish price swings right around the close. Economic support AND/OR environmental issues are highlighted around the close. The market moves higher with a significant move in the post market.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins4/22/21@3:54am est. Finishes4/22/21@8:05am est.


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#MoonEntersVirgo @9:08am est.

#MoonVirgoTrineSunTaurus @2:06pm est.

#VenusTaurusConjunctionUranusTaurus @9:01pm est.

#MoonVirgoTrineMercuryTaurus @10:47pm est.


(BX), Blackstone Q1 results, company pres. on investment landscape
Initial jobless claims 547,000 vs. 603,000 est.; U.S. initial jobless & continuing claims
Lagarde: business investment has shown resilience
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Jim Fitterling, DOW Chariman & CEO; ECB affirms size of pepp at 1.85T euros
ECB leaves bond buying unchanged
ECB leaves bond buying unchanged
(NVDA), (INTC), (AMD), (QCOM), (AVGO), Moments away: Southwest CEO Gary Kelly live on CNBC
ECB affirms faster bond-buying
(LUV), Southwest shares rally on outlook "significant pent-up demand for leisure travel"
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(DOW), (WBA), (CVX), (INTC), (UNH); Companies hike prices amid inflation pressures
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Canadian Pacific CEO: CN bid for KCS is 'fantasy'; Airlines CEOs on travel demand recovery
Lagarde:ECB didn't discuss any phasing out of pepp program
(FB), (AAPL), (AMZN), (GOOG), (MSFT), Big tech lobbies big
(MU), Micron dips
Jefferies raises Alphabet price target to $2,700; Gottstein: addressed most Archegos issues
New record highs: Whirlpool, Tractor Supply; Optimism over U.S. economic rebound