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S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, April 29, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


100% (12 correct statements out of 12 statements.)

The theme for today's highlight is a leader in business or a male celebrity who provides inspiration and motivation. In the pre market there are sideways fluctuations. Money is taking longer than expected to arrive. Right around the open there is a failed attempt [to break through a resistance line] AND/OR [a breakdown through support level]. Investors are extremely nervous. Between the open and roughly 10:00 AM an opportunity to take a balanced strategy through opening and closing positions is presented to me. Between roughly 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM there is a turning point as [a situation improves] AND/OR [help comes from unexpected sources]. Technicals fill expectations of classical technical analysis at an intersection of trendlines. Congress is highlighted between roughly 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM highlighting government aid, assistance, rules and regulations. The S&P 500 at this time exhibits a holding pattern until The Senate comes to a decision or significant change involving economics. At which time a sideways bullish rotation transitions into a bearish rotation with increasing volatility. A major [crest] AND/OR [high] for the day forms between 12:00 PM and roughly 3:00 PM. Between roughly 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM a strong rally is exhibited moving the S&P higher fueled by economic data that suggests continued progression and growth. Bullish rotation around the day's high are exhibited. Between roughly 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM at which time I am also presented with another opportunity this time to take profits on the long side of the balanced position that I created early in this morning. Around the high there is a revisiting of problems from the past and investors flee to safety. This revisiting of problems from the past is also highlighted at the day's high. Which forms when a bullish rotation transitions into a decline after a failed retest of a [recent peak] AND/OR [crest]. In the last hour of trading bad news from afar relating to a long standing problematic relationship arrives and after 3 failed attempts to break out through resistance the S&P 500 declines into the close. I will use the first 2 bumps along resistance in the last 2 hours of trading as a marketer for when I should take profits off my long positions creating a day trade. In the post market the S&P [continues declining] AND/OR [makes a quick move higher through a resistance line shortly followed by a decline back down through the aforementioned support resistance line].

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins4/29/21@11:42pm est. Finishes4/30/21@9:27am est.


#MoonInSagittarius #3rdQuarterMoon #3rdQuarterMoonInSagittarius

#MercuryInTaurus #MercuryDirect #MercuryDirectInTaurus

#VenusInTaurus #VenusDirect #VenusDirectInTaurus

#MarsInCancer #MarsDirect #MarsDirectInCancer

#SaturnInAquarius #SaturnDirect #SaturnDirectInAquarius

#JupiterInAquarius #JupiterDirect #JupiterDirectInAquarius

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#PlutoInCapricorn #PlutoRetrograde #PlutoRetrogradeInCapricorn

#ChironDirect #ChironInAries #ChironDirectInAries

#MoonSagittariusQuincunxSunTaurus @2:20am est.

#MoonSagittariusQuincunxUranusTaurus @4:38am est.

#MoonSagittariusTrineChironAries @4:40am est.

#MoonSagittariusSextileSaturnAquarius @8:36am est.

#MoonSagittariusQuincunxVenusTaurus @5:44pm est.

#MercuryTaurusSextileNeptunePisces @10:27pm est.

#MoonSagittariusSquareNeptunePisces @11:42pm est.

#MoonSagittariusQuincunxMercuryTaurus @11:54pm est.


Pres. Biden's tax pitch, what investors need to know; Treyz: U.S., China relations paramount
Initial jobless claims down 13,000 to 553,000; U.S. GDP & initial jobless claims
NYC to "fully reopen" July 1 - Mayor De Blasio; Kelly: may have inflation that sticks
Amazon, twitter to report earnings post -MKT
(MCD), (CMG), (SBUX), (YUM), (DRI), S&P, Nasdaq down past 2 days Dow lower 2 of past 3 days
(AAPL), Cramer's first take; Feldman: Amazon continuing to be juggernaut
(FB), Stocks set to jump, Apple, Facebook blowout earnings; Investors weigh supply concerns
Biden on taxes: "what I've proposed is fair"; Biden: getting rid of tax loopholes
U.S. March pending home sales rise 1.9%; est 4.4%
Apple posts record Q2 revenue authorizes $90B in share buybacks
Apple, Facebook beat estimates
Turkey gets ready for national lockdown; AAPL US, Apple Iphone sales $47.9B in 2Q
(AAPL) Toni Sacconaghi, AAPL: market perform, PT: $132; (CAT), (AAPL)
(AAPL), return of the mac, Sacconaghi weighs in...; SPX, President Biden takes aim at wall street
Amazon to hike hourly wages; New jet delivers boost airbus cash flow
(VZ), Verizon exploring sales of media assets - source; Syngenta CEO: weather extremes driving AG prices
Apple turns negative despite huge earnings beat; The global chip drought
Music to investors' ears? generation Tiktok & the music industry; Ford output to fall by 1.1M units
(ARRK), Going for gold, round 1: ARK innovation ETF; Stocks reverse higher in choppy day
(ABNB), Petra 4 the planet, round 1: Airbnb (ABNB); RJF, Raymond James CEO: we continue to gain advisor share
On the clock: Tim Seymour
Stocks near session highs; Global chip shortage gets worse
(AMZN), (TWTR), Amazon, Twitter earning on deck
(UBER), (LYFT), (DASH), Labor Secy: most GIG workers should be classified as employees revs. beat $108.52B vs $104.47B est; Twitter sees 2Q rev. $980M to $1.08B, est. $1.05B
(GILD), Gilead Sciences revs. miss $6.42B vs $6.75B est.; Twitter sees 2Q rev $980M to $1.08B, est $1.05B
Amazon pops on earnings; Amazon 1Q net sales $108.5B est $104.56B
(AMZN), (TWTR), (GILD); Amazon 1Q AWS net sales $13.50B, est $13.09B
Sofi credit card to offer crypto rewards; Meyer: biggest challenge for housing is lack of supply
(AMZN), Amazon hits new all-time high after blowout quarter; Amazon shares spike after 1Q earnings
U.S. steel shares fall after mixed quarterly report
(TLRY), Technical touchdown?, grading Tim's stock draft picks; Dmitri Dolgov, Waymo Co-CEO
(NOW), Glitch in the software, sector tumbles after record run; TSLA
Earlier this month PepsiCo (PEP) topped analysts' estimates for first quarter earnings and revenue; Mixed results
TWSE, Taian tech may gain most in Asia from U.S. infrastructure bill
Before pulling back, ALGN hit a new yearly high this morning
Amazon beats on pandemic shopping habits
The person with the best average price appreciation from their picks from today's close to February 11th, 2022 wins







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