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S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, August 27, 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


88% (7 correct statements out of 8 statement)

Day's Theme - Compromises made for financial/economic stability. Bounces around a support level in the premarket. Moves to bounce around a resistance level between the open and 10am est. A strong breakout to reach and breach a distant resistance level followed by a slight breakdown through a support level takes place from roughly 9:45am to 12pm est. Another strong move higher from roughly 12pm to 1pm est. From around 2pm to 3pm est. there will be an opportunity around the day's high. Closes higher..

1-Day High - between 1pm and the post market 3pm est. there

1-Day Low - premarket.

Planned Trades - trade window between 2pm and 3pm est.


"Gap shares pop on smaller than expected Q2 loss"
"Laura weakens to tropical storm"
"7-year auction finds large scale investor demand" "US10Y"
"NASDAQ on track for best August since 2000" "DOW Industrials"
Decrease in oil output due to Hurricane Laura.
"Aveva to acquire Osisoft for $5B". "AVV LN"
"MTA preps commuting doomsday scenario for NYC if no aid comes" "USGG30YR"
"BFCIUS Index"
"S&P, NASDAQ come off all-time highs"
"Cyber attacks halt trading for third-straight day in New Zealand"
"Leveraged loan default rate climbs to 4.3%" "LUACOAS"
"The FED's new monetary policy strategy"
"PCE CYOY Index"
"W.H.O. official sees virus warning ahead"
"Market offers a sign of FED reaction"

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