S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, August 5, 2021


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#MoonCancerSextileUranusTaurus @10:12pm est.


DOW, S&P seek rebound down 5 of past 7 days; Ricchiuto: qe makes difference
Robinhood files to sell 97.9M shares over time; Futures edge higher ahead of the open
Clarida: see hike conditions met by 2022 end
(UBER), (LYFT), (DIDI), Uber slides in pre-market down despite beat, bookings
DOW on pace for 2nd down week S&P, Nasdaq still higher; Uber CEO: seeing drivers come back
(BKNG), DOW still lower for week; Taper chatter weighs on treasuries
(VIAC), S&P 500, Nasdaq on track for weekly gains; Materials, financials lead at the open
(HOOD), Robinhood tumbles, holders file to sell 98M shares; Good: we're not mandating vaccinations
Kellogg higher on beat CEO Cahillane on food inflation; ViacomCBS: streaming is an area of momentum for us
U.S. trade deficit sets record fueled by higher imports; SXXP Index
Nasdaq up for 4th day; Capito: senate should look seriously at carried interest
Goldman's market call S&P year-end target: 4,700; 2022 winter Olympics may not have spectators
Zaidi: excited about getting the UAW and big three automakers together at White house
(XLB), New record highs: Moderna, Edwards Lifesciences
DOW, S&P 500 rebound; Iran's new president takes office
Return-to-office woes Delta variant creates uncertainty; Howard Marks on state of the credit market
$1.1T infrastructure bill in amendment process in senate; Biden lets Hong Kong residents stay in U.S.
USGG10YR, Bakhshian: expect strong market growth for remainder of the year
Biden's big EV push impact on charging stocks
Supply chain bottleneck Kontoor CEO on inventory levels; Vetter: see momentum continuing to second half of this year
Oil prices rise amid tensions in the Middle East; Edgewell 3Q earnings beat estimates
Risky retirement? Older Americans bet on Bitcoin; LMND, Schreiber: retention rates are improving
Biden delivering remarks on EV industry
SOX, Biden: I'm taking steps to advance the move to electric vehicles
(TSLA), (NKLA), (CHPT), (FSR), Pres. Biden speaks about EVs & auto emissions
S&P 500, Nasdaq record close watch; USYC2Y10, Rising yields help bank stocks