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S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, December 30, 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


Multiple false highs or lows, something very tricky. Decline through multiple support levels and the high will not be revisited in the reading. High and the low will be close to each other.

Around the Low:

Lows will be close to the highs, breakdown in volatility and notable drops from highs.


We open up at a day’s high. We are at a notable price level in the pre-market and then we drop sharply after a failed attempt to break resistance. Right at the open we drop as many as 9 support levels. There’s wild swings around the high between the open and roughly 11am. We have a selling from a peak and come back down between 11am and noon. There are multiple failed attempts to break resistance between noon and 1pm. There is an attempt to establish or re-establish support between 1pm and 2pm. There is a definite peak or high around 12:45pm. Between 2pm and 3pm there is a big push to the upside, and we have a correlation to Theme card in the last hour. The big push higher is met with a flight to safety and a sharp decline through multiple support levels around the close. There is an opportunity to cash in around the close.

Looking to Tomorrow:

Wild swings and a sharp dip within them.



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