S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, June 17, 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Daily Forecasts to be continued after Mercury Station Direct


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(LEN), Cramer's first take; Fed signals 2023 rate3 hikes
(JPM), (BAC), (C), (WFC), (MS), When is the 1st rate hike coming? Key considerations for bank stocks
(ACI), Albertsons Ceo: consumers managin rising inflation; Futures extend Fed-induced declines
Titan-IC crypto crash Mark Cuban: "I got hit"; Futures extend Fed-induced declines
Stocks mostly lower; (FCX), (AA), (MT), (RIO), Stocks to watch at the open
(LMT), (NOC), (GD), (HWM), Lockheed Martin CEO on 5G; Bipartisan infrastructure plan gains support
Tepper to CNBC: Fed did a good job yesterday; BBDXY, Fed boosts growth, inflation estimates
Hong Kong police arrest editors of pro-democracy newspaper; Iranian vote has clock ticking on nuclear deal
Trae Stephens on Anduril latest funding round; SNB warns of potential UBS, Credit Suisse loss
Facebook does it again? Zuckerberg corners VR market; U.K. says 1,227 people hospitalized w/ Covid-19 on June 15
Portugal to restrict movement to, from Lisbon area on weekends
Supreme court dismisses challenge to Obama Health Law
Pickering: summit in no way diminishes differences between U.S. and Russia
The Fed's new view rate hikes expected in 2023
Dow, S&P 500 hit session lows; CVAC
Dow near session lows; Moynihan on the definition of inclusion
(RBLX), Roblox on pace for worst week since going public; Supreme court rejects GOP ACA challenge
EV Investments announced through 2025: $330B
Dot-com deja vu?; Stocks trade widely mixed
Investors park all-time record $755B at the Fed; KR, Kroger boosts FY adjusted EPS view
Stocks volatile day after Fed signals policy update; Equity Index
Flamin' hot controversy; Supreme court rejects GOP ACA challenge
Biden to sign Juneteenth Nat. Independence Day Act; Biden to sign Juneteenth Act into law
Juneteenth National Holiday signed into law by President Biden
(WMT), (PG), (KO), Biden signs Juneteenth Nat. Independence Day Act
Beamery has raised $138 million to expand its hiring-management software business
(MTCH), Perfect match? Match group's latest buy