S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, March 25, 2021


100% (11 correct statements out of 11 statements.)

The S&P’s theme for today is that of extreme bearish sentiment, decrease, and the beginning of a contraction which is reflected in a strong decline. In the pre-market there is a sharp dip amidst bullish behavior. There is heightened volatility with extreme price swings AND/OR another sharp dip between the open and roughly 10am. From the open there is a breakdown through support/resistance and further decline until another support level is met. There is a reversal off of the lower support line and a rally back to the resistance level created when the first support was broken. A reversal off of that resistance level and a decline back down to the new support level takes place before roughly 10am. Between roughly 10am and 11am there is a notable rally higher out of a significant decline as bulls persevere. The rally higher eventually leads to the formation of an overbought crest when investors take risk off somewhere between roughly 11am through 12pm. Somewhere in between 12pm and 1pm a new situation AND/OR change/decision is highlighted inciting a courageous rally out of a notable decline. That courage becomes tension as the rally transitions into bearish rotation. Between roughly 1pm and 2pm there is an unexpected change AND/OR sudden destruction that acts as a wake-up call to investors and the market plummets. Around 2pm to 3pm the S&P exhibits a holding pattern. Congress and/or large institution(s) along with rules, regulations around government aid/assistance are highlighted. Within the last hour there is a sudden move higher. Around the close a resistance level is tested three times before another decline commences in response to bad news involving a long standing and problematic relationship. In the post market there is another failed test to break resistance AND/OR a breakdown through support level(s).

Between approximately 11am through 2pm there will be multiple temporary/deceptive highs all of which are followed by reversals. I may take the opportunity to trade around 1pm - 2pm-ish in which case I would be buying protection or opening long puts.


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