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S&P 500 Forecast for Thursday, September 3, 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


% ( correct statements out of statements.)

Day's Theme - Fear of the unknown. Paranoia, deception, sabotage, anxiety. Someone / something being counted on results in a let down or a deception. A female may be intentionally omitting part of the truth. Opportunities may be found in the low(s). Go with the gut. Money may be delayed AND/OR some kind of fraud may be highlighted. Gap down AND/OR the day's low between the premarket and 10:15am est. Indecision AND/OR sideways movement in the premarket. Misdirection AND/OR a strong rally but with several points at which it looks like it's reached its end. Within the first hour of trading there is a strong move higher AND/OR yesterday's high is met/retested. Some selling off of the early high at roughly 10am to 1pm est. More sideways movement/rotation between 10:30am and 1pm. A steep decline somewhere between 12:30pm and 2:30pm est. A reversal AND/OR sideways movement between 1:45pm and 2:30pm est. A very strong move higher in the last hour of trading. The move higher will not meet the level from which the steep decline started AND/OR the move higher will reach the top of a range or creates a new range. Selling in the postmarket. Finishes higher.

1-Day High - a peak around the open AND/OR the day's high forms between 10am and 1:30pm est. AND/OR a peak between the close and the postmarket. A strong decline off of the high(s).

1-Day Low - A low around the open AND/OR between 1:45pm and 3pm est. The low(s) will reach a significant support level AND/OR where multiple technical lines converge.

Planned Trades - Going with the gut and seize any opportunities. Do not sell any positions that were opened under mysterious circumstances.

If I decide to 1) open long calls immediately at the open. In which case I will 2) close the long calls around 12:15pm est. AND/OR sell against the long calls around 12:15pm est. (***DAY TRADE****)

3) If I am tempted to open short positions around 12:15pm-ish because of the Unicursal Hexagram I will only do so under the condition that I sell before 2:15pm est. (***DAY TRADE****)

4) Depending on where the market is around the last hour of trading I will likely open near term expiration ATM Puts or near term expiration shallow OTM Puts.

#MoonEntersAries @4:22pm est


"Fauci warns 7 Midwest states to be on alert over Labor Day"
"NASDAQ on pace for worst day since June 11" "Americans flee to rural areas amid Covid-19"
"U.S. ISM services business activty gauge at 62.4 vs 67.2"

"Das: massive move from urban to suburban" "NASDAQ on pace for worst day since June 11" DOCU, ZM, TSLA
"Stocks drop, dragged down by tech"
"Fauci warns of surge in seven states" "Auto loans driving higher"
"DPRTOTAL G Index" "TRVG" "NASDAQ on pace for worst day since June 11"
"Apple on pace for worst day since March" AAPL, SXXP
"Schlumberger's fracking sale to Liberty"
 "Facebook slumps 5% unveils election changes to platform"
"GDBR10" "NASDAQ 100 heads for worst day since June"
"Chip stocks among day's worst performers" "The NASDAQ has given up all of this week's gains"
"NASDAQ 100 heads for worst day since March" "Tech on pace for its worst day since June 11" CRWD
"Stocks drop, dragged down by tech" "Work-from-home stocks slammed" ZM, WORK, DOCU, PTON
"Looking for very durable growth" "The Dow on pace for worst day since July 23" FB
"INJCSP Index" "Stocks near session lows"
"SPX" "U.S. stocks sell off most since June" CCL, NCLH, RCL
"SPX" "S&P falls more than 3%" "Restaurant industry faces labor shortage despite higher wages"
"Stocks at session lows"

"Analyst action heading into the close" "S&P on pace for worst day since June 11"
"Stocks accelerate losses" "Megacaps sell off most since March"
"France unveils huge economic rescue plan"
"Dow, S&P 500 on track for worst day since June 11"

"All 11 S&P sectors lower"
"Dow down 1,025 at low"
"U.S. stocks plunge most since June" AAPL
"NASDAQ 100 heads for worst day since March" GOOGLE
"DOJ plans to file antitrust charges against Google in coming weeks"
"Dow, S&P 500 close lower for 1st time in 3 days"

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