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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


95% (10.5 correct statements out of 11 statements.) Extrasensory Forecast For S&P 500, April 13, 2021. A male ruler of nations AND/OR government and the established order are the main highlight of today. The S&P 500 is rangebound in the premarket. Minor bullish rotation takes place around the open. From the open through roughly 10am there is a notable decline due to multiple headwinds. The first trough of the day forms between roughly 9:50am and 10:30am est.. Out of the low there a huge breakout rally through resistance which takes place between roughly 10am through 12pm eventually reaching the next resistance level at which point there is a pull back to form the first crest of the day. Between around 12pm and 1pm est. a dip followed by a rebound back to the levels from which it dipped is exhibited. Between 12:30pm and 2pm est.. the second trough of the day is formed around the same levels as the preceding trough. This early afternoon trough presents me with an opportunity to buy into fear and out of this low there is a significant rally higher from roughly 2pm into the close to eventually form another crest. A temporary pause in an upward trend is exhibited within the last hour as the S&P moves sideways crossing support/resistance three times. It is in the last hour that an important milestone is reached “confirming” a bullish trend. The confirmation of a bullish trend is muddled up with confusing behavior around the close intended to cause impulsive decisions. This false indication of true direction comes in the form of a big move counter to the true trend. Ie; A trap or an intentional shake out. The “trap” is either a false “confirmation” of a bullish trend AND/OR the “trap” follows the “confirmation” of a bullish trend. The establishment or reestablishment of support takes place in the post market. To get this daily S&P500 prediction a day in advance sign up for a free membership at

I am very likely opening some ATM Long Puts and some cheap long shot OTM Long Puts both with June expirations. I plan to hold these until the dip in late April AND/OR May.


Consumer price index, up 0.6% vs. up 0.5% est; U.S. March consumer price index
China's digital Yuan threat to dollar, bitcoin?; FDA reviewing 6 cases of blood clot
(CCL), (NCLH), (RCL); China to Biden admin: "we are equals"; Bitcoin sets record high
U.S. calls for pause on J&J vaccine after clotting cases; U.S. March CPI 2.6% YOY vs. 2.5% est
(JNJ), U.S. calls for pause on J&J vaccine after clotting cases; Yields steady after March CPI data
(NVDA), J&J is the biggest drag on the DOW; Stocks to watch at the open
Record high for bitcoin, coinbase set to list tomorrow; Biden 'prepared to negotiate' on infrastructure
(NUAN), The NASDAQ is on pace for its 3rd positive session in 4; Stocks mixed amid inflation rise
(NVDA), (INTC), (AMD), (QCOM), (AVGO), Stocks open mixed rebounding from premarket low
Stocks open mixed rebounding from premarket lows; Stocks mixed amid inflation rise
Futures fall after FDA & CDC call for J&J vaccine pause
FDA Halts JNJ vaccine reopening stocks tumble; J&J shares fall on calls for vaccine pause
U.S. calls for pause on J&J vaccine after clotting cases; Energy markets and sustainability
Browne: climate risk is very big
S&P hits record high utilities, discretionary lead; U.S. bank earnings begin tomorrow
Bank earnings preview KBW CEO on what to expect; SEC threatens SPAC boom
(INTC), Chips in focus
(XLV), Growth (IWF) hits new record high
Coinbase competitors capitalize on bitcoin boom; LVMH 1Q fashion, leather sales organic growth 52%; est. 29.8%
(JNJ), (PFE), (MRNA), (AZN), New record highs: Fortinet, Trane Tech, IQVIA; J&J vaccine pause recommended by U.S.
New 52-week highs: L Brands, Advance Auto, Yum Brands; U.S. hopes there will just be a few J&J vaccine clot cases
USGG10YR, Sperling: investors should look at fundamentals driving economy
(AGC), GRab going public in $40B SPAC record deal with Altimeter Growth
S&P 500 leaders: Tesla, Danaher, ViacomCBS; Outloo for the U.S. economy
Fauci: no red flag signals from Pfizer, Moderna Shots
Fauci: want to work out issues with J&J vaccine as soon as possible
CDC, FDA call far J&J COVID vaccine pause over blood clots; WH holds briefing on J&J vaccine
Fuller: what has to happen next is to study and look at causes of the blood clots
WH: we have plenty of supply to continue vaccine program; SPX, S&P 500 carves out new record high
FDA recommends pausing use of JNJ vaccine over rare blood clots; BBDXY, March CPI barely moves markets
USGG10YR, March CPI has odd market effects
Fauci: appears J&J vaccine pause will last days to a week, not months
Weighing relative value of bonds vs. stocks
CDC outside advisory group meets tomorrow; Stocks close near session highs
(DISCA), Credit Suisse selling millions of shares of Discovery - Traders; NDX Index
Fmr. Allergan CEO on J&J vaccine pause; JPMorgan: Archegos blow-up to cost global banks $10B
CDC, FDA seek pause on J&J vaccine after clotting cases; J&J shares fall on calls for vaccine pause
Coinbase reference price: $250; (NVDA), (MGA), (HAS), (ZM)



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