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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


92% (12 correct statements out of 13 statements.)

The overall theme and behavior of the S&P 500 is that of a pending matter coming to a favorable conclusion. A short lived peak (often a new high) has OR is formed by a move up through a support/resistance line followed by a move down through the same support/resistance line. In the premarket there is much confusion and paranoia which is exhibited by price fluctuation AND/OR a temporary decline. Around the open there are sideways fluctuations relatively balanced between bulls and bears. Moving out of the open and through roughly 10am the S&P exhibits more sideways motion crossing the same support/resistance three times as an important milestone is reached and confirmation of a "bullish trend" is achieved if only momentarily. However there appears to be a standstill in some kind of negotiations having to do with a female leader and from roughly 10am through 11am we see flat sideways behavior on low volume. From roughly 11am to 12pm we see a decline into a reversal off of support, a rally back to a reversal off of resistance, and then a decline back down to the support already visited. On a chart this looks like a backwards “S” on its side. The first trough forms somewhere in between 12pm and 1pm. Out of this trough there is a huge move higher off of support and through at least one resistance level. Expect the unexpected between roughly 1pm and 2pm. Between roughly 2pm and 3pm a second trough forms. Around the same time a male ruler highlights stability + government and the S&P exhibits a rational move higher. From between 3pm into the close the Street becomes disillusioned as investors disregard opportunities for growth in favor of safety and stability. In the last hour there is EITHER 1) a decline to support off of a notable crest/peak OR 2) a rally into a crest followed by a sharp move lower to a support line just around the close. Around the close problems from the past are revisited and around that time there is a failed retest of a resistance followed by rotation into conservative investments. Failed test of a resistance level(s) in the post market.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins4/6/21@6:32am est. Finishes4/7/21@6:05am est.


NASDAQ 2.8% below record close last record: February 12; 18.8% fully vaccinated in U.S.
(JPM), (BAC), (C), (WFC), (MS); IMF raises 2021 China GDP est. 10 +8.4% Y/Y; Jan. est. 8.1%
Credit Suisse takes $4.7B hit from Archegos, execs step down; Yellen pushes global min. corp tax rate
(CS); U.S. equity futures off session lows
DOW lower for first time in 3 days
Stocks edge lower
IMF lifts 2021 world GDP growth forecast to 6% vs 5.5% in January
NYC's coming tax hit NY budget plan hikes taxes on top earners
Record high for S&P 500; Credit Suisse takes $4.7B Archegos hit
Globlfoundries CEO on semiconductor shortages; Air France-KLM CEO says good progress made with French unions
Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao on remote work and harassment; CSGN SW, Credit Suisse execs. to depart after losses
(AAPL), (FB), (GOOGL), New record highs: Facebook, Alphabet; Stocks search for direction
Rotational ugly ducklings, stocks to buy; Credit Suisse takes $4.7B Archegos hit
Baseball card maker Topps to go public through $1.3B SPAC deal; U.S. Treasury yield being driven by real rates
The extortion economy, business pay-offs to cyber criminals; State of N.Y. commercial real estate
Oil climbs with stronger growth outlook allaying virus concerns
(XRT), UBS: expect 80,000+ U.S. stories to close in 5 years
NASDAQ on track for 4-day winning streak; SPX Index
Coinbase Q1 est. monthly transacting users 6.1M; XBT-USD, Goldman, CITI warm up to bitcoin
(CS), The Archegos fallout, "wake-up call" for banks
Coinbase sees 1Q revenue about $1.8B
Lori Calvasina, RBC Head of U.S. equity strategy; Flipkart said to aim for 4Q IPO



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