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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


Sharp decline through multiple support levels.

Around the Highs:

Peaks bumping against resistance on the way down during a decline.

Around the Lows:

Sharp push to the upside, card is cancelled out.


In the pre-market there is a move higher along a diagonal trendline to meet another resistance level before we pull back. There is an opportunity to take profits and there is a sharp decline right around the open. There is a trade opportunity between the open and 11:15am, and it will be to open long positions during a sharp decline. This decline comes from when we hit the second resistance level. There are two equal moves that cancel each other out within the first two hours, and there is a push higher out of a decline between roughly 10am and 11:15am. Right around 11:05am we come up against resistance and we can open protection.

There is sideways fluidity moving into noon, which turns into price swings and volatility. There is an opportunity around 1pm, followed by profit taking around a peak or crest that forms between 1pm and 2pm. It looks like we have a push higher and a high correlator around 2pm to 3:15pm. There is a rally and possible low, and then a sharp decline in the last half hour. There is an opportunity at the close, with the Prudence card (multiple false tops or bottoms). The Indolence card is in the post-market, so there may be a decline shortly after a peak.

#MoonEntersTaurus @3:11am est.



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