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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


85% (8.5 correct statements out of 10 statements.)

Overall theme and behavior of the S&P 500 would be that of a decline off of a new high OR a decline of a recent significant crest. Fluctuations and decline in the pre-market reflect the Street’s fear, paranoia, and confusion. A sharp dip around the open followed by a holding pattern (usually ending with a huge move and/or price swings) as Congess and/or ministry is highlighted which involves government aid, regulations/rules, furtherance of assistance. A change in investors perspective causes sideways bearish price swings that are exhibited from the holding pattern moving into roughly 11:15am. A huge move higher (most likely from being oversold) takes place somewhere between 11am and 12pm as investors become more balanced in their perspective. Between roughly 12pm through 1pm there are multiple attempts to breakout through a key resistance. Between roughly 1pm and 2pm repayment of debt, financial support, AND/OR environmental issues are highlighted along with sideways bullish prices wings. Around roughly 2pm through 3pm an economic leader is highlighted during bullish rotations and a significant move higher. Moving into the close a holding pattern surrounds the highlighting of a critical choice between two entities (usually between two leaders.) Around the close there is a turn for the worse as investors despondency is reflected in a strong decline. In the post-market extreme greed causes a powerful move higher on greater than normal volume. The high and low for the day will both form between 2:45ish and the post-market with the greatest possibility of taking place in the last hour of trading.

#MoonEntersLeo @5:56pm est.


Futures mixed, off lows, follows Monday NASDAQ jump; Markets weigh global stimulus push
(REGN), NASDAQ hovers near breakeven; Stocks to watch at the open
Median new home price up 5.3% to $349,400; U.s. Feb. new-home sales at 775,000 ann. rate; est. 870,000
Microsoft reportedly in talks to acquire discord for $10B; Worst bond losses in decades
(INTC); COA, Crude slumps on bearish market structure
Eminence's Ricky Sandler on where stocks go from here; Awaiting Yellen, Powell testimony
Rep Patrick McHenry, (R) North Carolina; Yellen, Powell testify before house financial services committee
Biden orders flags to be flown at half-staff after Colorado shooting
Powell: greater inclusion in financial system is a Fed priority; CCMP
Yellen: affordable housing shortage a top priority for Biden administration
Homes for sale but not built up 64% annually; REGN, Regeneron will ask to authorize low dose to boost supply
U.S. health officials raise concerns over Astrazeneca data
Biden: we can pass new assault weapon ban; LEGATRUU Index
Gamestop to report quarterly results after the bell; ADBE, Adobe holders eye software spending
Mona Mahajan, Allianz Global Advisors; Materials worst sector on day
(GME), Gamestop revs. miss, $2.12B vs. $2.21 est.; One year later from S&P bottom
(INTC), Intel unveils plans for 2 new factories in Arizona; Intel new business direct competition for TSMC, Samsung
Investing in reopening, Lee: bet on the epicenter stocks; Intel plans 2021 capex of $19B to $20B
Powell plays down inflation risks
Cramer's parsing through the confusion of march 2020 to help make you a wiser investor
Intel's foundry business competes directly with TSMC, Samsung
Wulf: the reason we have affordable and accessible food is because of GMO
Robinhood said to have filed for IPO
Cramer: there was a time I had high hopes for defeating the Coronavirus - believing in a system


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