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S&P 500 Forecast for Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


90% (9 correct statements out of 10 statements.)

The overall theme for the day is the first phase of completion, [continued progress] AND/OR [mergers and acquisitions]. Overall activity of the S&P 500 for the day will be that of bullish rotation. In the premarket bad news that produces a temporary financial crisis [having to do with unemployment] AND/OR [having to do with heavy debt] is highlighted. Sideways bearish rotations reflect the Streets nervous sentiment as investors brace for tough times. Right around the open [the improbable happens] AND/OR [a turn for the better] causes the S&P 500 to sore reaching for a high. [A short lived peak] AND/OR [a new all time high] form in the first half hour of trading when the big move higher around the open breaks out through a resistance line to reach a notable peak before falling back down through the same line. This decline to the low which forms right around 12:00 PM is contained within a brief holding pattern while the street awaits a definitive choice made by [2 entities] AND/OR [2 leaders] with life altering implications. From roughly 12:00 PM through 1:00 PM equal and opposite moves cancel out each other creating a wave movement covering much ground yet returning to the same level as the wave began between roughly 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM. The S&P moves higher bumping along at least one resistance level eventually a day's [high] AND/OR [crest] forms between the hours of 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM when stocks plunge in a very strong decline from the [high] AND/OR [peak]. In the last hour of trading there's a strong decline. Right around the close a dip followed by a rebound back to roughly the same level from whence it dipped is exhibited. In the post market the resistance level is pierced creating a peak and then the S&P 500 falls back below the same level. Screeching another day's low.

#AstroOpportunityWindow Begins5/11/21@2:30pm est. Finishes5/11/21@3:30pm est.


Druckenmiller: dollar will lose reserve currency status; HUnt: tech has pricing power
IBM CEO live on squawk box new ship tech, AI innovations & more; Hatzius: we've recalibrated job growth pattern
(IBM), IBM's "partner ecosystem" CEO Krishna's new agenda
Pandemic computing growth IBM CEO on AI acceleration
(ARKK), Cramer's first take; On sector or individual beta
(PLTR), Stocks set to extend losses tech tumble weighs on sentiment
(PEP), Nasdaq at lowest since 3/31 2021 gain cut to 4%; Inflation fears roil global markets
Stocks set to extend losses tech tumble weighs on sentiment; Inflation fears send tech shares lower
Inflation fears send tech shares lower
Tech sells off amid inflation fears
(TSLA), (AAPL), (FB), (AMZN), (GOOGL), Tech tumble continues Nasdaq down 6% this month
Vaccination push; IBM CEO on the future of AI
Tech tumble continues Nasdaq down 5% this month; U.S. job openings rose to 8.12MLN in March from 7.53MLN
(XAR); SXXP, Tech stocks hit by inflation fears
Novavax delays regulatory approval timeline for COVID vaccine; Gas stations run dry amid pipeline shutdown
Oil pipeline crisis could boost brent against WTI
(SRNG), Ginkgo Bioworks to go public in $15B SPAC deal with soaring eagle
Nasdaq touches lowest since March 30
Tech tumble continues; European, U.S. tech stocks slump
Choppy waters how ark & chamath stack up; What sandwiches say about London reopening
44 State AGS ask Facebook to scrap 'instagram kids'; Mining stoks soar amid metal prices rally
Brainard: uncertainty remains; jobs, inflation far from goals
(XLK), (SMH), (CLOU), Lululemon, Workday, Skyworks are 20% from their 52-wk highs
More than half the Nasdaq 100 is 10% or more from its 52-wk high; Arkk down over 30% from peak
(GPS), Gap options activity May 34 calls; Sen. Marshall: there is not simple solution for cybersecurity
Druckenmiller: recovery had more to do with rotation; S5FINL, Stocks decline for second day
(BIDU), (BABA), (SNAP), (FB), (WM); China PPI data stokes inflation concern
Colonial pipeline shutdown
(DLTR), (XEL), (VRSK), (CTAS), (KDP)
(AAPL); India still facing record COVID numbers
(MSFT), Nasdaq 100's big reversal; IBM CEO: we need a public-private partnership to take care of cyber infrastructure
Apple shares fall as tech remains under pressure; Palantir reverses early loss
(COIN), Coinbase spikes following wild day for crypto
Stocks close down for second day
(EA), (FUBO), (LMND), (QS), EA's Q1, full-year bookings forecasts both top estimates
Tech takes a tumble are stock valuations too high?; S&P worst two days since March
U.S. consumer price index due out tomorrow 8:30am ET; Has the economic cycle peaked?
(EA), EA call underway; Severe COVID infections target kids
Quantumscape loss: ($0.02); Greater Boston vs. Silicon Valley
Boston & Cambridge are home to about 1K biotech companies
(REAL), Real problems for the Realreal? Stock hits Dec. 2020 lows
Australia's spending spree
Cramer: when we have something so palpable and confusing, I like to turn to business people for direction
The Dow posts first 1%+ loss in more than 2 months; Budget revenue to fund spending bonanza
MXEF0CX0, Misra: the market pushed back the timing of the first hike to May 2023
Dow posts worst day since February 26
(TSLA); 9984 JT, Bloomberg intelligence: softbank SPACS may fuel profit after 3Q beat



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